Build research capacity across the university

Our research focus is central to our identity. Brock will invest in building a world-leading research institution, grounded in scholarly excellence and strong graduate and post-graduate programs. We will leverage our strengths within and across disciplines to enhance research impact.

Goal: Nurture a culture of research and creative excellence.


  • Integrate research, knowledge and creative values and processes into policy, governance and administration, and create a culture aimed at output, uptake and impact.
  • Grow application rates, success rates and overall income for grant applications.
  • Enhance recruitment of excellent graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and visiting scholars within Canada and internationally.
  • Connect research and scholarly activities conducted by members of the Brock community to global issues.
  • Explore expanded undergraduate research and creativity opportunities.

Goal: Invest in research infrastructure and support to ensure sustainable and accessible research services for the Brock scholarly community.


  • Identify and invest in strategic initiatives with the greatest potential to enhance Brock’s research intensity.
  • Integrate research and experiential education, in part by developing BrockLINC’s capacity to enhance student innovation, entrepreneurship, research and commercialization.
  • Invest strategically in major research tools and associated infrastructure.
  • Increase internal research funding supports and small grants.

Goal: Build awareness of Brock University as a centre of research excellence.


  • Promote awareness of Brock as a research, training and mentorship destination for excellent graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.
  • Enhance international research activity and partnerships.
  • Create strategies and practices for the celebration and recognition of scholarly accomplishments of research faculty, students, visiting researchers and staff.
  • Facilitate global knowledge exchange by participating in and hosting international symposia.
  • Highlight the global impact of research and scholarly activities conducted by members of the Brock community.

Goal: Enhance transdisciplinary research and high-impact research practices.


  • Support collaborative research activity across disciplines and academic institutions, as well as non-academic partners.
  • Build on Brock’s institutional experience of transdisciplinary research.
  • Enhance and promote awareness of transdisciplinary, impact-focused, and problems-based research.
  • Develop and promote areas of strategic focus on research, balancing specialization with diversity in strategic research development.

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Brock University Institutional
Strategic Plan 2018–2025