March 5: Reading and Talk with Award-winning Author Maureen Jennings

The organizing committee for the third annual Marilyn Rose Lecture at Brock University is very excited to bring author Maureen Jennings to Brock on Tuesday, March 5.

This lecture was launched in 2017 in memory of our colleague Dr. Marilyn Rose who contributed so much to research and teaching in the English, Canadian Studies, and Popular Culture programs at Brock, while also making a notable contribution to the development of Graduate Studies in her role as Dean. Marilyn had wide ranging interests and research expertise, but one of her notable areas of focus was the study of crime fiction in Canada. She collaborated with Dr. Jeannette Sloniowski (recently retired from Communication, Popular Culture and Film) on the Crime Fiction Canada Project. Marilyn helped bring the David Skene-Melvin collection of popular crime novels to Special Collections in the Brock Library, and she and Jeanette co-edited the collection ‘Detecting Canada: Essays on Canadian Crime Fiction, Television, and Film’ (Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2014). In light of Marilyn’s work in this area, we thought that Ms. Jennings’ Murdoch Mystery novels and adaptations for television would make a wonderful topic for this year’s lecture.

Members of the Brock community and the general public are invited to attend. Ms. Jennings talk, “It’s in the Details. How to Make a Crime Story Believable,” will explore the aspects of historical research that are involved in the creation of her crime fiction series.

The Marilyn Rose Lecture will be held March 5, 2019, 11:00am – 12:30pm, Sankey Chamber, Brock University. Attendance is free and everyone is welcome.

The event is sponsored by Council for Research in Social Sciences; Communication, Popular Culture and Film; Canadian Studies; Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts; English; and History.

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