Early withdrawal

A student withdrawing from residence will pay a percentage of the full residence fee in accordance with the information contained in the following table. The date in which we consider the student moved out (has properly checked out at their respective service desk) is the date from which any refunds are calculated.

Please note there may be personal, medical or disciplinary reasons that would result in an exception to this policy. The percentage charge below is applicable to the week, or any part thereof, as follows:

For early withdrawal information for Brock Suites, please visit the Brock Suites website.

Charges for students who move into residence at/near the beginning of the Fall term 2019 (September-December).

DatesPercentage charged
Sept. 1 - 825%
Sept. 9- 1530%
Sept. 16 - 2235%
Sept. 23 - 2940%
Sept. 30 - Oct. 650%
Oct. 7 - 1352%
Oct. 14 - 2054%
Oct. 21- 2756%
Oct. 28 - Nov. 358%
Nov. 4 - 1060%
Nov. 11 - 1762%
Nov. 18 - 2464%
Nov. 25 - Dec. 166%
Dec. 2 - 868%
Dec. 9 - 2070%
From Dec. 21 on100%

Please read how to vacate a residence room. If a student withdraws from residence to circumvent our disciplinary process that student may be referred to the University Disciplinary Board.

For early withdrawal information for Brock Suites, please visit the Brock Suites website.

Charges for new students who are new arrivals moving into residence at/near the beginning of the 2019 Winter term (January-April).

DatesPercentage charged
January 5 - 1225%
January 13 - 1930%
January 20 - 2640%
January 27 - Feb. 250%
February 3 - 960%
February 10 - 1670%
February 17 - 2380%
February 24 - Mar. 190%
March 2 and on100%

Submitting Your Withdrawal

  • Go to my.brocku.ca. (It is essential that your browser is set to enable pop-ups/cookies).
  • Login using your Brock username and password.
  • Click the “Applicant and Student Self Serve” tab.
  • Click “Apply for Residence” at the bottom right of the page.
  • Select “Request an Early Withdrawal.”

Appeal Process

Students who move out of residence early may lodge an appeal requesting an increased refund if they believe there are extenuating circumstances. An example would be a student who is forced to withdraw from University because of sudden illness. An email officially launching the appeal should be sent to the Manager of Residence Admissions and Administration at res@brocku.ca. Supporting documentation should be provided to support the appeal. This can be delivered:

  • attached to your email;
  • faxed to 905-688-0797;
  • brought to room R211 in DeCew Residence;
  • marked confidential and mailed to:

Tammy Brown
Manager Residence Admissions and Administration
Department of Residences
Brock University
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, ON
L2S 3A1

A successful appeal will result in the student being charged the per diem rate for the nights they were assigned to a residence room. They will forfeit their $600-deposit, as will anyone who withdraws more than 31 days after their room assignment is sent out.

Troubleshooting tips

Students must login using their campus ID, which is the six-digit letter and number combination (e.g. ab14cd)

Usually the residence channel is on the right side. It has a blue bar with Residence in white at the top and the “Apply to Residence” icon below. If you can’t see it on the right side, scroll down or check on the left side of the page. It’s possible the icon has been minimized so you will only see the blue bar with Residence and no picture. Click on the white arrow in the blue bar to open up the channel and see the icon. If you still can’t see the channel, go to the top right side of the page and click Add More on the menu bar. You will see any inactive channels that can be added to the page.

Pop-ups have not been enabled on your browser. Please go into your settings to enable pop-ups.