Digital Collaboratory

A collaboratory is defined as an environment where participants make use of computing and communication technologies to access shared instruments and data, as well as to communicate with others.

The Digital Collaboratory is a space for researchers to experiment with digital technology. The space is multi-use, and is available as a workspace, event space, and collaboration space where researchers can learn to use digital tools for research and knowledge mobilization.

More specifically, researchers can use the space in the following ways:

  • A bookable workspace for researchers and lab groups to use
  • An event space, for workshops, speakers, seminars, and lab critiques
  • A digital studio, where researchers can work with specialized software, large data sets or other digital tools that need high performance computing support
  • A space to connect with experts on campus to advise on how to use digital tools/technology for research or knowledge mobilization


Contact Karyn Lorence, for more information.