Overnight Student Guest Request

Starting September 2023 students can request to have a maximum of 2 guests overnight at a time.  All requests need to be submitted online through the student web portal at least 24 hours in advance.


Contact your Service Desk:

North Service Desk (serving DeCew, Vallee) x3706 or northdesk@brocku.ca

South Service Desk (serving Lowenberger, Village) x4311 or southdesk@brocku.ca

East Service Desk (serving Earp, Quarry View, Residence 8, Gateway)
x3220 or eastdesk@brocku.ca

Submit your request online

When you are in-house you will be able to submit guest requests on your residence student housing application portal.  This is accessible from your my.brocku.ca portal.  Click on Apply to Residences.  You will see it in the lower right-hand corner under “in-house requests”.

Submit your guest request 24 hours before you guest arrivals.  Same day requests will be approved based on availability so request early so not to be disappointed.

In order to make a request you will need to do so through your residence application portal.

•    Go to my.brocku.ca. (It is essential that your browser is set to enable pop-ups/cookies).
•    Login using your Brock username and password.
•    Click the “Applicant and Student Self Serve” tab.
•    Click “Apply for Residence” at the bottom right of the page.
•    Select “Overnight Guest Request.”

If you have any issues opening your web portal clear all of your browser cookies.  This portal performs best on a laptop.  If you still have issues try another browser.

You will need to monitor your Brock email.  You will receive a digital copy of your submission that you will need for check-in.

You must come to your Service Desk upon the guest arrival and the desk will need to see your submission and your guest’s government issued ID.

If your guest is denied you will be notified by email.

You should print and bring the Residence Guest Sign-In Agreement. As soon as your guest arrives, please bring the guest and your agreement to your Service Desk so they can verify guest ID and provide guest wristband authorizing your guest to be in residence.

Keep a copy of the agreement with you for verification purposes if requested by Brock staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any non-resident of Brock University Residences.  Students must accompany any visitors (guests and/or fellow residents from other areas) at all times.  Students may only have guests for six nights per month.  No more than two guests on any occasion (i.e. do not invite groups of more than two friends to visit you in residence at any one time).  Guests may not visit for more than three nights in a row.  In the event of an extenuating circumstance, students may ask for permission from the Residence Life Coordinator to have a guest for more nights than indicated above.  Students must be considerate of other students who share their living space while having guests and let their roommates/unit mates know when they will be hosting a guest.  Guests must sleep in their host’s assigned living space and not in lounges or other common spaces.  Students CAN NOT give keys or access cards to guests.

Before you go to the Service Desk you must submit your request online and print and bring the Residence Guest Sign-In Agreement to your Service Desk.

Last minute guest requests will be processed as time allows.  You may need to be patient and wait.

It is best to submit request 24 hours in advance.

All guest requests must be made online, ideally 24 hours in advance.

Before you go to the Service Desk you must submit your request online.

Last minute requests will be processed as time allows.  You may need to be patient and wait.

No guests are allowed during the following times for 2023-24:

  • Welcome Week (September move-in to September 11)
  • Homecoming weekend (Thursday before to following Monday)
  • First week of second term (January Move-in Day to following Monday)
  • St Patrick’s Day (Thursday before to March 18)

There is no charge to sign a guest in.  For the safety of everyone in the residence community, non-registered guests (i.e. guests without wristbands) will be asked to leave residence and/or escorted from campus.

Guests must follow Brock University parking guidelines.  Daily and hourly parking can be purchased through the HONK mobile app.

Ask for details about parking when you check your guest in at the appropriate Service Desk.

For more information about parking please visit parking services website.

Click here to learn more about the Residence Community Standards with regards to guests.

Visit the dining services website to view the guest policy with your meal plan.