Parking on Campus

Parking facilities are limited and the availability of space cannot be guaranteed. Parking fees apply to all persons who park their vehicles, including casual visitors and long-term guests to campus. Parking regulation times and rates are posted on meters and at the entrance to parking lots

To find parking areas on campus please click the campus map below.

Hourly & Daily Parking Options on Campus

Parking LotHourly Parking ($3.50/hour)Daily Parking ($12.00/day)
Lot Dxx
Lot Px
Lot Qx
Lot Exx
Flora Egerter Wayx
Lot EAx
Lot QVx

2020-21 Parking Permit Options

  • Zone 1 Fall
  • Zone 1 Winter
  • Lot QV Day
  • Lot QV (Residence Students Overnight)
  • Zone 3 (Residence Students Overnight)
  • Zone 1 Fall
  • Zone 1 Winter
  • Reserved A
  • Reserved B
  • Lot EA
  • Lot QV Day
  • Special Reserved

A limited number of special reserved lots are located around the campus. Individuals possessing a special reserved permit will be contacted by email to renew in July. Special reserved permits are reviewed and must be approved by appropriate Brock University administration. Individuals wishing to apply for a special reserved permit must email Parking Services.

Service Vehicle ParkingĀ 

Contractors, vendors, suppliers and service providers must make parking arrangements with your Brock contact prior to arriving or by visiting Parking Services during our business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Unmarked personal vehicles or company vehicles will require parking permits available through Parking Services. Placing a sign or business card on the dashboard of a vehicle does not permit service vehicle parking. Vehicles parked improperly with or without a permit will be subject to ticketing.

Parking is enforced seven days a week, 24 hours a day.