Event Check-in App

The Event Check-in app is here!

Due to the changing event landscape sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Brock University has invested in the Event Check-In app, a safe and innovative way to manage attendance during in-person events. Available via ExperienceBU, the app checks in/out event attendees at a safe physical distance in real time to ensure adherence to public health guidelines, contact tracing requirements and maximum capacity limits.

For event organizers, this app is a gamechanger! It will replace other methods of attendance tracking (e.g., card reader technology) and allow event organizers via smart device to track incoming and outgoing students and community members at events, all at a safe physical distance.

For students, this app will allow for easy check-in and check-out at events using a QR code Event pass that is unique to them and will be used during their entire time as a Brock Badger.

Need App Support?

Email: Take a screenshot of error you are encountering in the app and e-mail to experiencebu@brocku.ca

Phone: Call the Anthology support line at 716-270-0000 available Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm EDT.

Chat: access live chat support available Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm EDT.

The Event Check-in app makes attendance tracking easier than ever – why swipe cards when you can scan phones? The app allows event organizers to track event attendance in real-time using a smart device app, with no extra hardware needed – it only requires a smart device like a phone or a tablet.

Students and other attendees do not need the app, only those performing attendance tracking require the app.

How it works

The simple setup requires two main components: an event pass for attending users and an event on ExperienceBU and the mobile app to scan passes for event organizers.

Event Pass

All Brock users (students, staff, faculty, and alumni) in ExperienceBU are assigned an Event Pass – like a mobile boarding pass – that is unique to each user and never changes.

Users can download their Event Pass to their Apple Wallet or Android Pay or save it as a picture on their phone. Or they can also pull it up in ExperienceBU whenever they need it or print it on paper.

Event Check-in App

The other half of the equation is scanning passes with the Event Check-in App, this process is a breeze. Attendees DO NOT need to download an app to be checked in, only administrators who are checking users in. More training and details about the app and how to use it will be provided once the feature is rolled out.

At the event, the staff at the door simply use the Event Check-in App to scan the event pass and users are marked attended in-real time in ExperienceBU.

An example Event Pass.


event check-in app for Event Organizers

event pass for attendees

Event organizers can download step-by-step instructions for the Event Check-in App on the ExperienceBU Training Hub.

 Key Benefits for event organizers

  • No extra equipment is required – it only requires a smart device like a phone or a tablet.
  • Attendance tracking is updated in ExperienceBU in real-time! No more Excel spreadsheets or data entry!
  • The app will verify and display the account when scanned – so you will know that a student’s participation has been captured
  • Inviting community member or guests to your event? No problem! With the app, event organizers can add non-Brock users by simply entering their email address
  • Allows for check in AND check out – allowing you to manage room/event capacity in real-time!
  • There is no limit to the number of attendance takers – you can have as many people helping with check-in as you’d like! Multiple people can be scanning students in with their own phones – saving time and line-ups.

And as we continue to navigate the changing event landscape sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Event Check-In apps provides a safe way to manage attendance while considering public health guidelines:

  • It is completely touchless, and the scanning app works at a distance*
  • The real-time tracking, check-out and room capacity features allows organizers to be aware of and control the number of people in a room ensuring adherence to public health guidelines
  • The ability to track all attendees not just students and the real-time verification of students will support contact tracing and ensure every person in attendance is accounted for.


*distance varies based on lighting conditions and phone camera quality, typically about 3ft. Campus Labs is working to increase this distance.