CFP [Due – May 15]: Food Justice and Agriculture

Special Issue of the French bilingual journal (English-French): Justice Spatiale/Spatial Justice


Guest Editors: Camille Hochedez, University of Poitiers, Research Unit “Ruralités”,; Julie Le Gall, University of Lyon – Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Research Unit “UMR5600 Environnement Ville Société“,

Call for papers available at:

Submit your articles in English or in French before May 15th, 2015 to and (note for authors)


This *Spatial Justice* special issue will focus on the notion of food justice with three main objectives:

  • to foster a better grasp of the spatial dimensions of food justice, in rural areas as well as in the urban ones;
  • to highlight the links between agricultural resources and food justice through the prism of production, commercialization, consumption and nutrition;
  • to join food justice and environmental justice in one research framework, in order to consider inequalities of access to these resources in general.

This issue aims to contribute to an enhancement of the notion and to explore the link between agriculture and food justice:

Papers should concern developed, developing or emerging countries. Comparisons and transversal research are encouraged to go further than the classic chain-based approach. As most work on food justice concerns urban areas, the authors may also propose papers on rural and periurban areas.

We propose to debate along five main axes.

1. 1. Theories, food justice and agricultures

2. 2. Agricultural resources facing food justice: what role for networks and flows?

3. 3. Environmental justice and food justice

4. 4. Governance, food justice and agriculture

5. 5. Food justice, education and citizen initiatives: food justice as a tool to achieve social justice.

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