Vice Commission of the City of Chicago, 1910-1911

 We originally constructed this table as a preliminary step in documenting ties between the Illinois Vigilance Association, Vice Commission of the City of Chicago, the Chicago Committee of FifteenUniversity of Chicago, the Rockefeller Foundation, American Social Hygiene Association, and the federal Council for National Defense and its Advisory Commission, especially the War Training Camp Activities Commission and the General Medical Board and its Committees on Hygiene and Sanitation and Civilian Cooperation.

For our purposes, the most important relationship in the table is the participation of Abram W. Harris and Julius Rosenwald on the "Social Evil and Saloons" committee of the Commission. At the time of the Thomas Scandal, Rosenwald was a trustee of the University of Chicago, a trustee of the Rockefeller Association, a member of the Advisory Commission to the Council for National Defense. Also on the Council's Advisory Commission was Dr. Franklin H. Martin, who taught in the Medical Faculty of Northwestern University under Harris's presidency. At the time, Harris was also the President of the American Social Hygiene Association and a Vice-president of the Chicago Committee of Fifteen. In constructing the General Medical Board, Martin drew heavily on the resources of the American Social Hygiene Association, particularly in constructing the Committees on Alcoholism and Venereal Diseases. It was the work of these two committees that defined Section 12 and 13 of the "Conscription Bill," the legislation that created the War Training Camp Activities Commission that defined and administered the Alcohol and Vice prohibition zones during the First World War.

  Committee Membership f
  Executive Saloons Needed
& Method
Medical Crime Existing
Rescue & Reform Protection
Police Source of Supply
Walter T. Sumner
 (Dean, Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul)
C           x        
Edwin W. Sims
 (United States District Attorney)
S           x        
Dr. Walter A. Evans
 (Health commissioner)
x           x        
Rev. Albert Evers
 (St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church)
x       x            
Abram W. Harris
 (President, Northwestern University)
x x                  
Rev. E. A. Kelly
 (St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church)
x x                  
Judge M. W. Pinckney
 (Presiding judge of Juvenile court)
x                 x  
Edward M. Skinner
 (Association of Commerce)
x                 x  
John L. Whitman
 (Superintendent, House of Correction)
x         x       x  
Dr. W. L. Baum
 (Chicago Medical Society)
Dr. David Blaustein
 (Superintendent Hebrew Institute)
Rev. James F. Callaghan
 (Pastor, St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Church)
Dr. Anna Dwyer
 (President, Mary Thompson Hospital)
Dr. Frank Gunsaulus
 (President of Armour Institute of Technology)
Dr. W. W. Hallam
 (Secretary Chicago Society of Social Hygiene)
Dr. William Healy
 (President, Psychopathic Institute)
Prof. Charles R. Henderson b
 (University of Chicago)
Ellen M. Henrotin
 (Federation of Women’s Clubs)
Rev. Abram Hirschberg
 (Rabbi, North Chicago Hebrew Congregation)
Dr. James N. Hyde c
 (Professor Rush Medical college.)
    x   x            
Rev. John G. Kircher
 (Pastor, German Evangelical Church)
Louis O. Kohtz
 (Agent Aetna Fire Insurance Company)
Bishop William F. McDowell a
 (Methodist Episcopal church)
P. J. O'Keefe
Judge Harry Olson
 (Chief justice Municipal court)
Alexander Robertson
 (vice-president Continental National Bank)
Julius Rosenwald
 (President, Sears, Roebuck, & Co.)
Dr. Louis E. Schmidt
 (Professor Northwestern Medical college)
Bishop C. T. Schaffer
 (African Methodist Episcopal Church)
Prof. Graham Taylor
  (President, Chicago Common)
Prof. William I. Thomas
(University of Chicago)
Prof. Herbert L. Willett
  (University of Chicago) 
George J. Kneeland e
 (Director of Investigations)

a Resigned 18 July 1910, on account of absence from the country

b Appointed by Mayor Fred Busse, 28 September 1910 to replace Dr. Hyde.

c Died 6 September 1910.

d Appointed March 14, 1910.

e "Began work" on 15 July 1910. See Social Evil in Chicago p. 8.

f As reported in Chicago Tribune. "Maps Out Work for Vice Study." Chicago Tribune 3 May 1910: 3.



Sources:  Membership list built up from Mayor Busse's March 5, 1910 letter to Dean Walter T. Sumner (named at the time as Chairman pro tem), reproduced on page 2 of  The Social Evil in Chicago. There appears to be an error in the reproduction. That version of the document included the name of Bishop C. T. Schaffer, who was named to the commission on 14 March 1910 (see Social Evil in Chicago p. 4). Shaffer was not named in the first list published in the Chicago Tribune on 6 March 1910.

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