Directors of the American Social Hygiene Association, 1914-1918

We constructed this table as a preliminary step in documenting ties between the Illinois Vigilance Association,  Vice Commission of the City of Chicago, the Chicago Committee of FifteenUniversity of Chicago,  the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Social Hygiene Association, and the federal Council for National Defense and its Advisory Commission, especially the War Training Camp Activities Commission and the General Medical Board and its committees on Hygiene and Sanitation and Civilian Cooperation.

For the brief period documented below, the Directors and Officers of the American Social Hygiene Association were published as part of the cover material for their journal, Social Hygiene. We hope to be able to be able to expand the coverage at a later date.

Directors and Officers

  Calendar Year
1914 1915 1916 1917 1918
Charles W. Elliot P h h h h
David Starr Jordan V V H H  
William T. Foster V V V V V
Felix M. Warburg V V V V V
Walter T. Sumner b V V H H  
E. A. Alderman     V V V
Robert S. Brookings     V V V
Jane Addams H H H H H
R. Fulton Cutting H H H H H
James Cardinal Gibbons H H H H H
O. Edward Janney   H H H H
William H. Welch         H,P,C
Henry L. Higginson T T T T T
Abram W. Harris b C P,C P,C P,C  
Thomas M. Balliet x x x x x
Hugh Cabot x x xx x
Martha P. Falconer x x x x x
Jerome D. Greene a x x x x x
William A. Greer x x x x  
Wirt W. Hallam b x x      
Robert W. Hebberd x x     
Thomas N. Hepburn x x x x x
Donald R. Hooker S S S S S
Edward Jackson x x xx  
Henry James, Jr. x x x x x
Edward L. Keyes, Jr. x x x x x
Delcavare King x x x x x
James Bronson Reynolds C x x x  
Mrs. Raymond Robins x x x x x
E. R. A. Seligman x x x x  
William F. Snow G G G G G
Anna Garlin Spencer x x x x x
Percy Werner x x x x x
Mrs. Christian A. Herter   x      
Lawrence Litchfield   x x x x
Hermann M. Biggs     x x x
William A. Evans b     x x x
Thomas S. McLane     x x x
Mrs Henry D. Dakin       x x
Maurice A. Bigelow         x
Livingston Farrand         x
Raymond Fosdick a         x
Henry L. Higginson         x
Bascom Johnson c c F2 F2 G
James H. Foster s s s s  
Walter Clarke F1 F1 F1 F1 E
Thomas D. Eliot F2 F2      
Timothy Newell Pfeiffer     C C  
R. E. Kleinschmidt         M
C = Council, c = assistant counsel
E = Educational Secretary
F = Field Secretary, 1 = Chicago, 2 = San Francisco
G = General Secretary
H = Honorary Vice president, honorary president
M = Medical Secretary
P = President
S = Secretary, s = Assistant Secretary
T = Treasurer
V = Vice President
a Rockefeller Foundation Trustee
b Member, Vice Commission of the City of Chicago




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