General Medical Board during World War I

We constructed this table as a preliminary step in documenting ties between the Illinois Vigilance Association,  Vice Commission of the City of Chicago, the Chicago Committee of Fifteen,  University of Chicago,  the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Social Hygiene Association, and the federal Council for National Defense and its Advisory Commission, especially the War Training Camp Activities Commission and the General Medical Board and its committees on Hygiene and Sanitation and Civilian Cooperation.





Franklin H. Martin, M.D., Chicago, Ill.,
member of the Advisory Commission, Council of National Defense, Chairman.

F. F. Simpson, M.D., Pittsburgh, Pa.,
chief of medical section, Council of National Defense, Vice-chairman.

Surg. Gen. William C. Gorgas,
United States Army.

Surg. Gen. William C. Braisted,
United States Army.

Surg. Gen. Rupert Blue,
United States Public Health Service

Col. Jefferson R. Kean,
Director of military relief, American Red Cross.

Rear Adm. Cary T. Grayson,
United States Navy, Washington, D.C.

William J. Mayo, Rochester, Minn.,
President, American College of Surgeons.

Victor Vaughn, M.D., Ann Arbor, Mich.,
Dean of Medical Department, University of Michigan

William H. Welch, M.D., Baltimore, Maryland,
Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University

Frederic A. Besley, M.D., Chicago, Ill.,
Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University

Hermann M. Biggs, M.D., New York City
State Commissioner of Health

Frank Billings, M.D., Chicago, Illinois,
Professor of Medicine, Rush Medical College

John Fraibairm Binnie., M.D., Kansas City, Missouri
Recorder, American Medical Association

Joseph C. Bloodgood, MD, Baltimore Maryland
Associate Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University.

James Bordley, Jr., MD., Baltimore Maryland
Surgeon in charge, South Baltimore Eye Hospital

Elliott G. Brackett, MD., Boston, Massachusetts
Assistant Professor of Orthopedic surgery, Harvard Medical School

George E. Brewer, MD, New York City
Professor of surgery, Columbia University.

John Young Brown, MD., St. Louis, Missouri
Professor of surgery, University of St. Louis

Alexis Carrell, MD, New York City
Member of Staff, Rockefeller Institute for Medicine

John G. Clark, MD., Philadelphia Pennsylvannia
Professor of Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania

Frederic J. Cotton, MD., Boston, Massachusetts
Associate in surgery, Harvard Medical School

Alexander R. Craig, MD., Chicago, Illinois
Secretary, American Medical Association

George W. Crile, MD, Cleveland, Ohio
Professor of Surgery, Western Reserve University

Thomas S. Cullen, MD, Baltimore, Maryland
Vice President, Southern Surgical Association

Edward P. Davis, MD, New York City
Professor of Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College

Katherine B. Davis, MD, New York City
Executive Secretary, Bureau of Social Hygiene, Rockefeller Foundation

John B. Deaver, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of practice of surgery, University of Pennsylvania

Robert L. Dickinson, MD, Brooklyn, New York
First Vice President, American Gynecological Society

Philip Schuyler Doan MD, Chicago Illinois
Director of health and sanitation, United States Shipping Board

Joseph Rilus Eastman, MD, Indianapolis, Indiana
President, Western Surgical Association

William A. Evans, MD, Chicago Illinois
President, American Public Health Association

Duncan Eve, MD, Nashville, Tennessee
President, Southern Medical Association

John M. T. Finney, MD, Baltimore Maryland
Professor of Clinical Surgery, Johns Hopkins University

Simon Flexner, MD, New York City
Director, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research

Joseph M. Flint, MD, New Haven Connecticut
Professor of Surgery, Yale University

Joel E. Goldthwait, MD, Boston Massachusetts
Lecturer on Orthopedics, Harvard Medical School

S. S. Goldwater, MD, New York City
Superintendent, Mount Sinai Hospital

William D. Haggard, MD, Nashville Tennessee
Professor of Surgery, Vanderbilt University

S. McC. Hammill, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania

Hobart Amory Hare, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of therapeutics, materia medica, and diagnosis, Jefferson Medical College

Malcolm L. Harris, MD, Chicago Illinois
Secretary, Board of Trustees, American Medical Association

Seale Harris, MD, Birmingham Alabama
Secretary, Southern Medical Association

Thomas W. Huntington, MD, San Francisco California
Professor of Surgery, University of California

Jabez N. Jackson, MD, Kansas City Missouri
Christian Church Hospital

Theodore Janeway, Baltimore Maryland
Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Henry D. Jump, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Assistant Physician, Philadelphia General Hospital

Charles E. Kahlke, MD Chicago, Illinois
Professor of Surgery, Hahnemann Medical College

Allen B. Kanavel, MD, Chicago Illinois
Associate Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University

Edward C. Kirk, DDS, Chicago Illinois
Dean of Dental Department, Northwestern University

George W. Kosmak, MD, New York City
Attending Surgeon, Lying-In Hospital

John H. Landis, MD, Cincinnati Ohio
Health Commissioner

John A. Lichty, MD, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

W. H. G. Logan, MD, DDS Chicago Illinois
President-elect, National Dental Association

Fred Bates Lund, MD, Boston Massachusetts
Lecturer on surgery, Harvard Medical School

Joseph MacDonald, Jr., New York City
Secretary-treasurer, American Medical Editors' Association

Edward Martin, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of Surgery, University of Philadelphia

Charles H. Mayo, MD, Rochester, Minnesota
President, American Medical Association

Stuart McGuire, MD, Richmond Virginia
Dean and professor of surgery, Medical College of Virginia

John D. McLean, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Member of Staff, Rush Hospital

Lenna L. Meanes, MD, Des Moines, Iowa

C. Jeff. Miller, MD, New Orleans
Professor of Obstetrics and clinical gynecology, Tulane University

Rosalie Slaughter Morton, MD, New York City
Chairman, American Women's Hospitals

M. Adelaide Nutting, New York City
Professor of Nursing and Health, Teachers' College, Columbia University

Albert J. Ochsner, MD, Chicago Illinois
Professor of Surgery, University of Illinois College of Medicine

Charles H. Peck, MD, New York City
Professor of Surgery, Columbia University

Charles B. Penrose, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of Gynecology, University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Earle B. Phelps, Washington D.C.
Sanitary Engineer

Emmett Rixford, MD, San Francisco, California
Professor of Surgery, Stanford University Medical School

Hubert A. Royster, MD, Raleigh North Carolina
Secretary, Southern Surgical Association

Sterling Ruffin, MD, Washington DC
Professor of Medicine, George Washington University

C. E. Sawyer, MD, Marion, Ohio
Member, Executive Committee, American Institute of Homeopathy

George E. de Schweinintz, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Pennsylvania

Clara P. Seippel, MD, Chicago Illinois

George H. Simmons, MD, Chicago Illinois
Editor, "Journal of American Medical Association"

Winford H. Smith, MD, Baltimore Maryland
Superintendent, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Winford F. Snow, MD, San Francisco, California
Professor of Public Health, Stanford University and Secretary to the General Medical Board

J. Bentley Squier, MD, New York City
Professor of Urology and Genito-Urinary Surgery, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

George David Stewart, MD., New York City
Professor of Surgery, New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College,

Richard P. Strong, MD, Boston Massachusetts
Professor of Tropical Medicine, Harvard Medical School

William S. Thayer, MD, Baltimore Maryland
President, Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons

William B. Van Lennep, MD, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Professor of Surgery, Hahnemann Medical College

George Walker, MD, Baltimore Maryland
Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University

Florence N. Ward, MD, San Francisco California
Chief Surgeon, Florence N. Ward Sanatorium

Ray L, Wilbur, MD, San Francisco California
President, Stanford University

William C. Woodward, MD, Washington DC
Health Officer of the District of Columbia

Hubert Work, MD, Pueblo, Colorado
Chairman, House of Delegates, American Medical Association.


Col. C. U. Dercle, Medical
Department, French Army, Paris France

Lieut. Gen. Thomas H. Goodwin, Director General, British Army Medical Service, London England

Col. Claude K. Morgan, British Army Medical Service, London, England

Julius Rosenwald, member of the Advisory Commission, Council of National Defense, Chicago Illinois.


Source: Appendix 56 in Franklin H. Martin. The Joy of Living: An Autobiography Vol II: The World War (Based on personal attendance at the meetings of the Advisory Commission, Joint Meetings of the Council of National Defense and the Advisory Commission, the General Munitions Board, the War Industries Board, the General Medical Board and its executive committee and sub-committees, and other commissions and committees; minutes of meetings, a personal diary, and other first hand information. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company (1933). 

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