Council of National Defense, Its Advisory Commission and Officers

We constructed this table as a preliminary step in documenting ties between the Illinois Vigilance Association,  Vice Commission of the City of Chicago, the Chicago Committee of FifteenUniversity of Chicago,  the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Social Hygiene Association, and the federal Council for National Defense and its Advisory Commission, especially the War Training Camp Activities Commission and the General Medical Board and its committees on Hygiene and Sanitation and Civilian Cooperation.

Council of National Defense

Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker, (Chairman)

Secretary of the Navy, Josephus Daniels

Secretary of the Interior, Franklin K. Lane

Secretary of Agriculture, David F. Houston

Secretary of Commerce, William C. Redfield

Secretary of Labor, William B. Wilson.

Advisory Commission of Council of National Defense

Daniel Willard, transportation and communication; President, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (Chairman)

Howard E. Coffin, munitions and manufacturing (including standardization) and industrial relations; Vice President, Hudson Motor Co.

 Julius Rosenwald, supplies (including clothing), etc; President, Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Bernard M. Baruch, raw materials, minerals, and metals; Banker

Dr. Hollis Godfrey, engineering and education; President, Drexel Institute

Samuel Gompers, labor, including conservation of health and welfare of workers; President, American Federation of Labor

Dr. Franklin H. Martin, medicine and surgery, including general sanitation; Director-General, American College of Surgeons

Executive Office of Council and Advisory Commission

Walter S. Gifford, Director of Council and Advisory Commission

Grosvenor B. Clarkson, Secretary of Council and Advisory Commission

Curtice N. Hitchcock, Assistant Secretary of Council and Advisory Commission

Percy R. Pyne, 2d, Assistant to Director and Business Manager

Richard H. Williams, Jr., Everett L. Crawford, George F. Porter, Preston Davie, Waddill Catchings, Assistants to Director.

E. K. Ellsworth, Chief Clerk

Leonard P. Ayers, Statistician 


Source: Appendix 53, 54 and 55 in Franklin H. Martin. The Joy of Living: An Autobiography Vol II: The World War (Based on personal attendance at the meetings of the Advisory Commission, Joint Meetings of the Council of National Defense and the Advisory Commission, the General Munitions Board, the War Industries Board, the General Medical Board and its executive committee and sub-committeees, and other commissions and committees; minutes of meetings, a personal diary, and other first hand information. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company (1933).

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