Chicago Tribune


Walter T. Sumner, dean Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul,

Harry Olson, chief justice Municipal court

Abram W. Harris, president Northwestern university,

Dr. William Healy, physician to Juvenile court; author of method of recording data of criminals used by Juvenile Psychopathic institute of Chicago.

M. W. Pinckney, presiding judge of Juvenile court.

John L. Whitman, superintendent of house of correction.

Dr. James N. Hyde, professor Rush Medical college.

Dr. W. L. Baum, Chicago Medical society, professor Postgraduate Medical college.

Dr. Louis E. Schmidt, professor Northwestern university medical college

W. W. Hallam, secretary Chicago Society of Social Hygiene,

Alexander Robertson, vice-president Continental National bank

Mrs. Ellen M. Henrotin, Federation of Women’s Clubs

Dr. Anna Dwyer, board of directors of Klio association; Medical Women’s Club, president of the staff of the Mary Thompson hospital.

Bishop William F. McDowell, of the Methodist Episcopal church.

Dr. Frank Gunsaulus, pastor Central Church and President of Armour Institute of Technology

Prof. Graham Taylor, head resident Chicago Commons

Prof. Herbert L. Willett, University of Chicago.

The Rev. E. A. Kelly, St. Annes’ Roman Catholic Church,

The Rev. Albert Evers, St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church

The Rev. Abram Hirschberg, rabbi of North Chicago Hebrew congregation

David Blaustein, superintendent Hebrew Institute

Prof. William I. Thomas, University of Chicago, professor of psychology

Edward M. Skinner, former president Chicago Association of Commerce.

P. J. O’Keeffe, lawyer.

Julius Rosenwald, president of Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Louis O. Kohtz, assistant general agent Aetna Fire Insurance company.

Dr. W. A. Evans, health commission.


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