Initial Teacher Education: Application Steps

Initial Teacher Education: Application Steps

Primary/Junior, Junior/Intermediate, Intermediate/Senior

December 2, 2013 Applicant Deadline:
All applicants interested in applying to the Teacher Education Intermediate/Senior, Junior/Intermediate and/or Primary/Junior divisions must complete the following via OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) by the December 2, 2013 application deadline to be considered for fall 2014 entry:

  1. TEAS application available online beginning September 2013 until December 2, 2013 (
  2. Transcript requests ordered through OUAC

December 9, 2013 Document Deadline:
Applicants must submit the following to OUAC no later than December 9, 2013:

  1. TEAS application fee
  2. Experience Profile supplementary fee
  3. Appropriate transcript fees (ordered via OUAC)

December 13, 2013 Document Deadline:
To be received by Brock University, Office of the Registrar, Admissions no later than December 13, 2013:

  1. The completed on-line Teacher Education Experience Profile. To access the Experience Profile go cannot access the profile until you have paid your TEAS application fee and your application has been forwarded to Brock from OUAC. **See VERY important note below.
  2. Transcript ordered directly through OUAC (OUAC will forward on your behalf)
  3. Transcript ordered directly from postsecondary institutions
  4. Evidence of English language proficiency for all applicants who have indicated “Other” as first language on the OUAC application, or those whom we have requested a test result from
  5. Permanent Residents (ONLY): a copy of Record of Landing 

**Important note: You cannot access the Experience Profile until after we receive your application from OUAC. The TEAS application will be forwarded to Brock after payment has been received by OUAC. If you are paying close to the December 10 payment deadline you should carefully consider your method of payment. We strongly recommend you pay by credit card to ensure you can access the Experience Profile on time. If you pay by cheque it is highly unlikely OUAC will be able to forward your application to Brock on time for you to access the Experience Profile. In these cases we do not guarantee access to the Experience Profile.

January 24, 2014 Document Deadline:
To be received by Brock University at the Office of the Registrar- Admissions by no later than January 24, 2014:

  1. If applicable, an ADDITIONAL transcript showing fall semester final grades.

Ordering Transcripts:
Applicants who have completed university studies in Ontario must complete the OUAC TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM (choose “IMMEDIATE” option). As Brock will consider courses completed by January 1, 2014, Ontario applicants currently registered in courses may order and submit an additional official transcript showing fall term grades. Choose the “END OF FALL TERM” option to order the second transcript. The second transcript must be received on or before January 24, 2014.

All other transcripts (those from outside Ontario) must be ordered directly from the host institution, OCT or WES (see Teacher Education International Documents link).

Official transcripts must be received on or before the submission deadline date, as we will not accept documents after this date. Applicants are strongly encouraged to send application packages well in advance of the deadline. The use of registered mail or courier service is strongly recommended as Brock University cannot be held responsible for mail delivery timelines.

*Note 1: Recent graduates from Brock University need not order or send Brock transcripts. However, if it has been longer than five years since graduating from Brock University, there are two exceptions where transcripts must be submitted.
(1) You must provide transcripts for any courses completed on Letter of Permission.
(2) You must provide transcripts for any courses that were used for advanced standing toward your Brock degree (i.e. other university transcripts).

*Note 2: Regardless of time spent living in Canada or studying in an English-language school system, if your first language is not English, you must submit an English language proficiency test score. Applicants should refer to the Teacher Education English Language Proficiency Requirements link for details. Brock University graduates who were required to submit evidence of English proficiency for entry to undergraduate studies should contact the Office of the Registrar – Admissions (ext. 3562) prior to December 2, 2013 for clarification regarding submission of an English language proficiency test result.

Applying with International Documents:
Brock University will accept international documents from any one of the following three sources:

Option 1: Directly from the educational institution that granted the degree(s)/diploma(s)
Brock University requires that university transcripts be official meaning they must arrive directly from the institution from which they were granted. It is important that you begin the process of ordering your transcripts, marks sheets, etc. from your institution early. Many documents coming from foreign universities take weeks and sometimes months to arrive. Most universities will send official documents detailing your academic history, however there are some that will only provide copies. Brock University WILL accept attested copies, with appropriate institutional signatures (usually the University Registrar), which are issued and sent directly from the educational institution that granted the degree.
Option 2: The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)
Some applicants may have already submitted international documents to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) prior to applying to Brock University. Brock will accept copies of international documents that have been verified by the OCT, and sent directly from the OCT to the Office of the Registrar, Admissions at Brock University. Please contact the OCT directly ( for further information.
Option 3: WES – World Education Service
Many Ontario Faculties of Education accept documents and assessments from WES. It may be easier for you to submit one set of documents to WES and have them forward them to your universities of choice (note: it is the applicants responsibility to check with each university to find out if they accept WES documents).
Go to for excellent guidelines regarding the submission of appropriate documents.
Submission of International Documents:
Notarized photocopies of documents in the possession of the applicant, and submitted directly by an applicant will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.
All received academic and academic-related documents become the property of the Brock Admissions Office and will not be returned. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY DOCUMENTS that you are unable to reorder from your academic institution.
Failure to provide appropriate academic information may result in an inaccurate assessment of your qualifications, or your file may be deemed incomplete and not assessed. Applicants for admission are required to submit the following documents and information for assessment:

  1. Official academic transcript(s) bearing the original institutional seal and/or signature in the original language confirming all post-secondary study. These transcripts must be sent directly from one of the three sources outlined above. The transcript should include:
    • official confirmation regarding the years of study;
    • official confirmation of the degree awarded, and the date the degree was awarded;
    • official confirmation of the credit system or course weight;
    • official confirmation of completed courses/subjects and grades.

      If the above information is not printed on your academic transcript(s) or part of the transcript legend accompanying your transcript, the missing information must be provided in an original letter from your academic institution, along with a certified translation if the letter is in a language other than English. Submission of course descriptions where course content is not obvious may benefit the applicant in ensuring proper assessment of qualifications.

      An excellent resource for information on appropriate documentation can be found at the WES – World Education Services website. This website provides guidelines on the types of documents required by country. Please refer to for help in determining appropriate documentation.

  2. 2. Original translations of all post-secondary academic documents that are produced by the granting institution. Original translations will be accepted from one of the following:
    • the consulate, high commission or embassy to Canada of the country where the documents were issued;
    • a Canadian embassy, consulate, high commission in the country from which you emigrated;
    • a translator accredited by a professional association of translators in Canada. To obtain the name of an accredited translator contact the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) at 1-800-234-5030 OR 613-241-2846 (e-mail:; web site:;
    • a translator who has received accreditation through a federal, provincial or municipal government in Canada;
    • If the ATIO is unable to provide a translator for the language you require, you may contact COSTI-IIAS Immigrant Services at 416-651-1496, or email See for further information.

The translator must include a photocopy of the original document(s) from which the translation was prepared, as well as an original statement indicating:

  • that the translation is accurate and authentic;
  • that the translator belongs to one of the categories listed above (identification number and/or seal, name, address, and telephone number required);
  • printed name and signature of the translator.

Special Notes for Those With International Documents:

We recognize that some institutions will take longer to send official transcripts than others. If you are concerned that the documents you have ordered from your international institution will not arrive at Brock University by the December 13, 2013 document submission deadline, you may bring your original copies to the Admissions Office and we will photocopy your documents and return the originals to you. THIS IS A TEMPORARY MEASURE ONLY. Original documents from the international institution must arrive in the Office of the Registrar, Admissions no later than January 24, 2014 or your file will be deemed incomplete.
It is the applicants’ responsibility to ensure all of the information requested as outlined above is included with the documents submitted for photocopying. The individual photocopying your documents will not have the knowledge to confirm proper documentation. Additionally, due to the high volume of documents that arrive at the Admissions Office leading up to the December 13 document submission deadline date, it is impossible to verify if documents have arrived from the sending institution prior to this date. Please do not call or email to inquire if they have arrived. We will not be able to provide you with an answer.
We also recognize there are individuals who will find it impossible to order a transcript directly from the institution, particularly in countries where active warfare or natural disasters have or are occurring. In rare cases like this, the decision to allow applicants to bring their original documents to Brock for photocopying, and have admissibility determined using those documents, will be at the discretion of Admissions personnel. Exemptions to this policy are very rare and must be requested in writing prior to December 2, 2013. Applicants should also be aware that standard policy in these cases is to attempt to verify documentation by contacting the institution that granted the degree.
The most commonly asked question among applicants who are applying with international documents is if notarized copies are acceptable. The answer is NO if the documents are in the possession of the applicants and are being submitted by the applicant. However, attested copies of documents ARE ALLOWED if they come directly from the institution that granted the degree or from the OCT.

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