Undergraduate Applications For International Applicants

Undergraduate Applications For International Applicants

Welcome! Please read the information located below prior to applying. We are unable to refund application fees; therefore we encourage you to contact admissions@brocku.ca for help in selecting the correct application.

These applications are intended for students new to Brock University. Exceptions: Letter of Permission, Teacher Education, In-Service – Continuing Education (Additional Qualifications).

Undergraduate applications:

Education applications:

More information

Who should use these applications?

  • International applicants applying from outside Canada or currently residing in Canada. If you require a Study Permit to study in Canada, you are an international student.
  • Applications are for EXTERNAL applicants – not current or former Brock students or alumni
  • If you have ever registered in courses (even if you dropped all courses and never attended) and/or attended Brock University contact the Admissions Office at admissions@brocku.ca before applying
  • EXCEPTIONS: you must apply using the appropriate application above, for each new term
    • In-Service – Teacher Education Additional Qualifications
    • OUAC TEAS: Two-year Teacher Education (BEd)
    • Letter of Permission applicants (those coming from another university wishing to complete a course at Brock)

Important technical details – please read before applying

  • An incomplete application will expire two weeks after your first activate it
  • Please provide a valid email address. Make sure your mailbox is not full and any emails are not automatically sent to your 'trash' box. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email from us within two days of submitting your application, please contact admissions@brocku.ca.
  • If you cannot complete the application immediately, an email will be sent with a link allowing you future access to the application

Submission of Documents

Acceptable Documents:

Brock University will accept international documents from any one of the following sources:

  • Option 1: Official transcripts** sent directly from the educational institution. Attested copies, with appropriate institutional signatures (usually the school principal or college/university Registrar), are acceptable as long as they are issued and sent directly from the educational institution that granted the degree.
  • Option 2: WES – World Education Service. It may be easier, particularly for those with college and university credentials, to submit one set of documents to WES and have them forward them to your universities of choice. Go to www.wes.org/ca/required/ for excellent guidelines regarding the submission of appropriate documents.

Document Requirements:

  • Please be sure to provide appropriate academic information to ensure an accurate assessment of your qualifications. Applicants for admission are required to submit the following documents and information for assessment:
    • Official academic transcript(s) bearing the original institutional seal and/or signature in the original language confirming all study. These transcripts must be sent directly from one of the two sources outlined above. A transcript should include:
      • official confirmation regarding the years of study;
      • official confirmation of the credential awarded, and the date the credential was awarded;
      • official confirmation of the credit system or course weight;
      • official confirmation of completed courses/subjects and grades.
    • Additionally, if you have completed a post-secondary credential, please submit notarized copies of any diplomas.
  • If the above information is not printed on your academic transcript(s) or part of the transcript legend accompanying your transcript, please include the missing information in an original letter from your academic institution, along with a certified translation if the letter is in a language other than English. This will help us in assessing your studies accurately.

Course Descriptions/Syllabus:

  • If you have attended college or university and wish to have your previous study considered for recognition (transfer credit), you may be required to submit course descriptions or a complete syllabus (detailed outline) of your program. Goodman School of Business applicants will be asked for detailed courses descriptions for any previous study. All other applicants (to other faculties and programs) will be asked as necessary.


  • Original translations of academic transcripts. Original translations will be accepted from one of the following:
    • the consulate, high commission or embassy to Canada of the country where the documents were issued;
    • a Canadian embassy, consulate, high commission in the country from which you emigrated;
    • a translator accredited by a professional association of translators in Canada. To obtain the name of an accredited translator contact the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) at 1-800-234-5030 OR 613-241-2846 (email: infor@atio.on.ca; web site: www.atio.on.ca;
    • a translator who has received accreditation through a federal, provincial or municipal government in Canada;
  • If the ATIO is unable to provide a translator for the language you require, you may contact COSTI-IIAS Immigrant Services at 416-651-1496, or email languages@costi.org.
  • The translator must include a photocopy of the original document(s) from which the translation was prepared, as well as an original statement indicating:
    • that the translation is accurate and authentic;
    • that the translator belongs to one of the categories listed above (identification number and/or seal, name, address, and telephone number required);
    • printed name and signature of the translator.

Supplementary document requirements:

Special Notes for those with International Documents:

  • Some individuals may find it impossible to order a transcript directly from institutions where active warfare or natural disasters have or currently are occurring. In rare cases like this, the decision to allow applicants to bring their original documents to Brock for photocopying, and have admissibility determined using those documents, will be at the discretion of Admissions personnel. Exemptions to this policy are very rare and must be requested in writing. Applicants should also be aware that standard policy in these cases is to attempt to verify documentation by contacting the institution that granted the degree.
  • Conditional offers of admission may be extended based on a combination of second quarter grades (first semester) therefore it is in the best interest of applicants to have grades forwarded as soon as second quarter results are available. Applicants from British patterned schools or IB programs may submit predicted grades for consideration.
  • U.S. applicants: Academic transcripts, SAT scores, school profiles (if available) and letters of recommendation from counsellors or teachers should be submitted as part of the application.
  • All received academic and academic-related documents become the property of the Brock Admissions Office and will not be returned. Please DO NOT SUBMIT ANY DOCUMENTS that you are unable to reorder from your academic institution.

Payment and Admission Requirements

Application payment

  • You must have a valid credit card to apply
  • Once your application is submitted and paid, you cannot make changes
  • Please DO NOT submit a new application if you wish to make a change. Contact Admissions at admissions@brocku.ca.
  • The application fee is non-refundable; therefore it is very important you contact admissions@brocku.ca prior to applying if you are not certain which application to use.

Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate applicants: view the appropriate link in the 'Admission Criteria' box on the right hand side of this page
  • Education related applicants – brocku.ca/registrar/teacher-education


Current Ontario Secondary School applicants - notes

All other international applicants (OUAC 105) - notes

  • Use this application if you are intending to apply to more than one Ontario university
  • Apply via OUAC 105D application (ouac.on.ca)
  • September entry only
  • Full-time study
  • This is a direct entry application for those that meet language requirements.
  • If you are required to submit an English proficiency score (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) and it does not meet our language requirements, we will automatically consider you for the IELP/Undergraduate Conditional program
  • If you are certain you will not meet our language requirements we encourage you to apply now for the IELP/Undergraduate Conditional program.

Letter of Permission - notes

  • NON-Brock applicants wishing to complete a course on Letter of Permission (LOP) at Brock use this application
  • Current or former Brock students wishing to complete a course at another institution on LOP use: http://www.brocku.ca/webfm_send/1914

Bachelor of Education in Adult Education - notes