Undergraduate Admissions For Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Undergraduate Admissions For Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Important! Prior to applying, please read the information below. Application fees cannot be refunded; therefore we encourage you to contact admissions@brocku.ca if you require help choosing the correct application.

These applications are intended for students new to Brock University. Exceptions: Letter of Permission, Teacher Education, In-Service - Continuing Teacher Education (Additional Qualifications).



More information:

Who should use these applications?

  • Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Applications are for EXTERNAL applicants – not current or former Brock students or alumni
  • If you have attended or currently attend Brock University and wish to change your major, complete a Change of Major form (brocku.ca/webfm_send/1400), or for a second degree/certificate: brocku.ca/webfm_send/34106
  • If you have ever registered in courses (even if you dropped all courses and never attended) and/or attended Brock University you should contact the Admissions Office at admissions@brocku.ca before applying to make certain you are using the correct application
  • EXCEPTIONS: you must apply using the appropriate application above, for each new term
    • In-Service – Teacher Education Additional Qualifications
    • OUAC TEAS: Teacher Education (BEd)
    • Letter of Permission applicants (those coming from another university wishing to complete a course at Brock)

Important technical details –
please read before applying

  • An incomplete application will expire two weeks after your first activate it
  • Please provide a valid email address. Make sure your mailbox is not full and any emails are not automatically sent to your 'trash' box. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email from us within two days of submitting your application, please contact admissions@brocku.ca
  • If you cannot complete the application immediately, an email will be sent with a link allowing you future access to the application

Submission of Documents

  • Post-secondary (college or university) transcripts must be official (official = sent directly from the post-secondary (college or university) institution directly to Brock University)
  • Secondary school transcripts – where possible to be submitted by secondary school or school board to Brock University – Office of the Registrar (if not possible submit in an envelope, sealed by the school or school board)
  • English proficiency test results – must be sent directly by the testing centre or be accessible online through the testing organization
  • After applying, view documents required by Brock at my.brocku.ca under section [Document Status]
  • Some documents may be uploaded by you (see brocku.ca/webfm_send/33057 and my.brocku.ca)

Application payment

  • You must have a valid credit card to apply
  • Once your application is submitted and paid, you cannot make changes
  • Please DO NOT submit a new application if you wish to make a change. Contact Admissions at admissions@brocku.ca
  • Application fee is non-refundable
  • If in doubt whether you are using the correct application, contact admissions@brocku.ca

Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate applicants: view the appropriate link in the 'Admission Criteria' box on the right hand side of this page
  • Education related applicants – brocku.ca/registrar/teacher-education

Supplementary document requirements

Full-time current Ontario secondary school applicants - notes

  • Apply via OUAC 101 application (ouac.on.ca)
  • September entry only
  • Full-time study

Full-time all other applicants - notes

  • Apply via OUAC 105D application (ouac.on.ca)
  • September entry only
  • Full-time study

Part-time, Mature, Undecided - notes

  • All use the same application
  • September, January or April entry (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer terms)
  • Spring/Summer – those wishing to apply for a summer session must use the ‘Spring’ start option on the application
  • Includes part-time certificate programs
  • Part-time applicants must meet established minimum admission requirements (the same as full-time applicants)
  • Not all programs are available, for admission, for every session. If you aren't able to find the program that you are interested in, contact Admissions directly at admissions@brocku.ca for assistance.
  • To be considered for admission, under 'mature' criteria see: brocku.ca/registrar/admissions/admission-criteria/mature for definition
  • Undecided – what does this mean? See: brocku.ca/registrar/admissions/admission-criteria/certificate

Letter of Permission - notes

  • NON-Brock applicants wishing to complete a course on Letter of Permission (LOP) at Brock use this online application
  • Current or former Brock students wishing to complete a course at another institution on LOP use: http://www.brocku.ca/webfm_send/1914

Auditor, Upgrading - notes

Bachelor of Education in Adult Education - notes

  • September and January entry
  • Do NOT select "Mature" on application (you will not find your program of study)
  • Select either:
    • Secondary School Graduate (or Equivalent)
    • Transfer Student from a College or University