Admission Criteria for:

Admission Criteria for:

Certificate, Upgrading, Audit and Undecided

Certificate and Subsequent Degree Programs: Part-time and Full-time
Applicants seeking admission to a certificate program have two options available to them. Undergraduate certificate programs are designed for students who do not already hold a degree, while post-graduate certificate programs are geared to applicants who have completed a degree. Admission requirements for entry to undergraduate certificate programs are the same as those for entry to full-time undergraduate studies. Applicants applying to post-graduate certificate programs should present a minimum of a three or four-year degree (depending on the program). Applicants to post-graduate programs are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant department to discuss their educational background prior to applying. For a list of departments refer to

Undergraduate - Upgrading

  • Applicants who have completed a degree may wish to upgrade for the purpose of entering graduate programs or professional schools. A degree must be completed and conferred prior to application.
  • While studies are normally completed on a part-time basis, if space is available, applicants may complete their upgrading on a full-time basis (international students must study full-time).
  • Apply: Undergraduate Upgrading Application

Undergraduate - Audit (new applicant)
  • Applicants admitted to the university may audit a course provided space is available. No credit or assessment of performance will be given in the course.
  • Permission of the instructor is required and may not be granted until after the first day of lectures.
  • The charge for auditing a course is 50% of the normal course.
  • Apply: Undergraduate Auditor Application

Undergraduate - Undecided (new applicant)

  • Open to applicants who do NOT wish to pursue degree studies, but are interested in taking a course (i.e. for interest, or college students who wish to complete a course while completing their college diploma).
  • Not all courses may be open to undecided students, as many courses are open to designated majors only, or require specific prerequisites for entry.
  • Admission as an ‘undecided’ applicant is automatic and does not require submission of documents or assessment for eligibility.
  • Application for admission to a major is possible after completion of one term of study. Official documents showing past academic history will be necessary to be considered for a major. Contact for further details.
  • Apply: Undergraduate Part-time Application (choose program: Undecided)