Funding Information

Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Funding Information

Funding available for Graduate Students in Biotechnology

All students accepted into either the MSc or PhD program are automatically provided with funding sufficient to pay for tuition and living expenses for a single person. The actual amount will be outlined in the Letter of Offer of Admission sent by the Office of Graduate Studies.

For full-time students, funding comes from three sources: a Graduate Research Fellowship (paid from their supervisor's research grant), a Graduate Fellowship (paid by the University through the Office of Graduate Studies) and a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (for teaching done by the graduate student in our undergraduate laboratories or equivalent). The complete funding is contingent on students remaining enrolled in their program year round.

Teaching assistantships are for 10 hours per week of demonstrating/marking for the equivalent of two 12-week semesters. A limited number of undergraduate courses are offered during the spring/summer semester at Brock, and so most graduate students do their teaching during the fall and winter semesters (Sept-Dec/Jan-April).

While the Graduate Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships are same for all students, the Graduate Research Fellowship provided by the research supervisor may vary. Typical TOTAL yearly funding is now approximately $20,000 per year. Graduate students must pay tuition three times a year regardless of the number of courses taken. International students pay significantly higher tuition fees than domestic students (Canadian citizens and landed immigrants). Therefore, they are eligible to apply for additional bursaries to offset their higher education costs.

The above funding is guaranteed for a limited time: two years for an MSc student and five years for a PhD student. After that, students who have yet to complete their program must apply to have their funding continued.