Chemical and gene Biotechnology are the two main areas of research in the Centre for Biotechnology. The research interests of the participating faculty members are listed below with links to their websites with more information

  • J. Atkinson
    Organic Chemistry; Vitamin E Biochemistry; Lipid bioconjugates and reactive probes, Lipid transfer proteins, Protein-membrane interactions
  • T. Dudding
    Experimental, computational, and physical organic chemistry. Application of catalytic methodologies to the synthesis of natural products and/or biologically active compounds.      Dr. Travis Dudding’s Lab
  • T. Hudlický
    Total synthesis of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and morphine; synthesis and biological evaluation of oligoinositols; microbial dihydroxylation of aromatic substrates; electrochemical oxidation and reduction of organic molecules.
  • F. Li
    Development of novel analytical tools to address meaningful biological and biomedical questions.
  • C. Metallinos
    Synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry
  • A. van der Est
    Natural and artificial photosynthesis; time resolved EPR spectroscopy; electron transfer reactions; light-induced electron spin polarization.
  • T. Yan
    Natural and modified nucleic acids (light-responsive nucleic acids, glycosylated nucleic acids, sequence specific modification of nucleic acids); mucosal vaccine adjuvant development; colorimetric and fluorescent labeling of nucleic acids; DNA damage in bacterial spores.
  • P.Zelisko
    Silicon chemistry; silicone/protein interactions; biomaterials; silicon-mediated reactions; bioorganosilicon chemistry; immobilized catalysts; chemical education.
  • M. Bidochka
    Molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry of insect pathogenic fungi
  • V. De Luca
    Plant Biochemistry, natural products, metabolic engineering
  • C. Després
    Plant Proteomics and Molecular Pathology
  • F. F. Hunter
    Behavioural ecology of macrophages insects; molecular systematics; cytogenetics
  • D. Inglis
    Redox balance in wine yeast under hyperosmotic stress, yeast gene expression, yeast metabolism, icewine fermentation
  • P. Liang
    Understanding the mechanism of genetic diversity and their contribution to phenotype via bioinformatics and genomics approaches
  • A. Necakov
    The central theme of our research program is the Notch singling pathway
  • I. Patterson
    Manipulating the mosquito virome to prevent transmission of arthropod-borne pathogens