Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We have many events planned for you throughout the year! Please keep checking back to this page for updated information. 

For more events, check out the ExperienceBU portal to see the many events and ways to get involved while at Brock!

Also, check out our Community Involvement (Volunteering) page for upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Monday, May 4th & Tuesday, May 5th

New ESL Services' Student Orientation
Who: All new ESL Services' Students
When: Monday, May 4th & Tuesday, May 5th
What: All new ESL Services' students will need to attend the New ESL Services' Student Orientation. On Monday, May 4th, please arrive to the International Centre (Brock University) for 9:00am; where you will pick up a welcome package and attend an orientation session. An entrance test will take place in the afternoon, along with a campus tour. Note: Please bring your acceptance letter with you. On Tuesday, May 5th, please arrive to the International Centre (Brock University) for 10:00am. If you are unable to attend the orientation sessions on Monday, May 4th and Tuesday, May 5th, please contact eslbrock@brocku.ca and let us know when you will be arriving. For more information, visit the New IELP Student Orientation - Spring 2015 webpage.

Wednesday, May 6th

First Day of Classes
Who: All IELP & AcT Students
When: Wednesday, May 6th
What: Information on how to access your class schedule will be posted before the end of April.

Students enjoying the summer