Workshops at Brock

Fuel your career and personal growth through our workshops—featuring concise sessions, interactive learning, and practical skills.

Workshops are offered in a variety of formats, from key experts in the field, to enhance your knowledge and awareness of key topics that will impact your life and career.

Brock University’s continuing education workshops are purposeful sessions designed to not only to enhance your professional life, but nurture personal growth. Engage in dynamic interactive learning experiences and hands-on skill-building exercises that go beyond traditional boundaries. A certificate of participation will be awarded upon completion of a workshop.

Course CodeCourse NameTopicTagsCourse Info
PCSL 9N36Immersive Leadership Workshop: Becoming Leaders who can be good KinIndigenous EducationIndigenousLearn more
PCSL 9N37What is Indigenous?Indigenous EducationIndigenousLearn more
PCSL 9N38Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being, and DoingIndigenous EducationIndigenousLearn more
PCSL 9N39Engaging with All our RelationsIndigenous EducationIndigenousLearn more
PCSL 9N41The LandIndigenous EducationIndigenousLearn more
PCSL 9N56C-Suite: What You Need to Know about AI for Your BusinessArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence, AILearn more
PCSL 9N57Exploring Large Language Models: Beyond Chat GPTArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence, AILearn more

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