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Music Ed Plus

Interested in preparing for a career in music?

Music Ed Plus, a four year, co-curricular experiential program, includes practical learning opportunities, as well as workshops and lectures by experts in diverse musical careers.

Music students who are interested in developing their skills and exploring careers in music will be interested in Music Ed Plus.  Why?  Students will engage in a variety of activities designed to help them plan their careers and give them a competitive edge when applying to jobs and/or further education.



  • First year students have an opportunity to meet and connect with senior students.  Senior students act as guides to help answer questions about life at Brock.  Learn the ropes at Brock from someone with experience. 
  • Senior students will receive mentoring support from industry professionals who are prepared to share their career journeys and talk about successes and challenges of their careers. 

Volunteer Opportunities: 

  • Participate in volunteer placements (schools, musical organizations, and places of worship, etc.) to strengthen experience and knowledge of the skills associated with a career in music.

Chamber Music Ensembles: 

  • Participate in professionally coached chamber music ensembles.  Public performances will be held in the community as well as at Brock University.

Guest Lectures: 

  • Hear industry professionals speak about their music-related careers.  Music librarians, conductors, arts fundraisers, music teachers, music administrators, and music therapists, to name but a few, discuss their training, education and day-to-day work life.


  • Attend workshops presented by Career Services which focus on career decision making and job search skills.

Program Advising:

  • Meet with members of the Music Ed Plus committee, as well as Career Services staff, to discuss career goals and participation in Music Ed Plus.


FAQs and further details can be found on the Department of Music's Music Ed Plus website

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Music Ed Plus is a partnership between the Department of Music and Career Services

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