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Mentorship Plus - Here's the Low Down.

You might be stepping on to campus for the first time, or you might be visiting the exam gyms for the last time, wherever you are in your Brock experience – Mentorship Plus can help you!

 Mentorship Plus is a program that will help you through your most important transitions. The first transition we all experience is the one from high school to university. As first year students we come to Brock’s campus with a mixture of excitement, confusion, anxiety, and lots of questions. Mentorship Plus participants receive support and encouragement during this time to ensure that our first year experience is a successful one. After first year, Mentorship Plus continues to support us through our academic journey to our next major transition - from Brock to chosen career or advanced academics. Mentorship Plus eases some of the pressure around, “What am I going to do with my life?” When you are in your third or fourth year, let Mentorship Plus give you a glimpse of what your future career could be like.  
Mentorship Plus is available to everyone – regardless of what area of study you are in. You will receive training customized to your role in Mentorship Plus in order to ensure that you understand the mentoring roles, expected behavior, and purpose of the program. Our training also highlights the key skills and characteristics for mentors/mentees. As you progress through your Brock years you will acquire sought after leadership, communication and problem solving skills. Each year in Mentorship Plus builds on the skills and experiences you have developed in the year previous.
You can be a mentor and share your experiences, or you can be a mentee and learn from someone who knows the ropes. There’s a fit for you in the Mentorship Plus program!
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