Practice for your Interview

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Practice for your Interview

There are many ways you can practise your interview skills.

Online Tools
The Basics of Interviewing online workshop helps you learn how to prepare for a variety of interview formats and styles and be able to anticipate the types of questions you may be asked in an interview.

InterviewStream is a web-based program that offers you the chance to select your own interview questions and practice your responses through the use of a webcam. Email your interview to and we will provide you with feedback within two business days.

Facilitated Workshops
Interview Practice Workshop, from our 'order a workshop' menu, is a great way to polish your interview skills by learning more about different interview questions and how to respond in an interview. Completion of The Basics of Interviewing On-line Workshop is required prior to attending this workshop. 

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews with a full time staff member are available by appointment only.  Only students who have completed the online interviewing workshop and either the advanced Interview Practice workshop or an Interview Stream session are eligible for an appointment. For more information contact Career Services Reception at 905-688-5550 extension 3242. Appointments are approximately 1 hour in length and based on staff availability.  A minimum of 2 days notice for booking is preferred.

Print Resources
The Career Resource Centre has many great books to help you prepare for interviews, such as:

  • 101 Dynamic Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview by Richard Fein
  • Get the Interview Every Time by Brenda Green
  • Interview Magic by Susan Britton Whitcomb
  • Knock ‘Em Dead 2001 by Martin Yate
  • Sweaty Palms by Anthony Medley