“This was the first year our agency was fortunate enough to secure a student intern from the Communication, Popular Culture and Film department. As a very small non-profit, our organization tends to lack expertise in communication and social media strategies, and does not always have the time to spend on these tasks. Our student intern was able to not only support us in maintaining an active social media presence, but also provided templates that we would be able to utilize after their placement came to an end. We were also lucky that our student intern got involved in our agency beyond their placement requirements, volunteering their time on-site at our programs and in the office with administrative duties.

Organizations should certainly consider taking part in this program as it is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Not only are you providing a student with a meaningful learning experience, you are also able to benefit from the expertise, enthusiasm and fresh perspective that a student intern can bring. We were absolutely pleased with our experience with this program and our student intern!

Samantha Sendzik, Executive Director Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara Region (LDANR)

Interns’ Skills & Knowledge Include

  • social media consulting
  • marketing and communications
  • writing and editing skills
  • event planning
  • creative approach to projects and problem solving
  • film editing and production
  • research


  • quality assistance with entry-level tasks
  • fresh and diverse talent that brings new perspectives and ideas
  • new skill-sets aligned with your organization’s communication and marketing needs
  • a unique avenue to connect and contribute to your community


  • able to apply skills gained in their degree programs to meaningful work
  • gain valuable work experience and help build a professional resume and portfolio
  • mentoring and training opportunities
  • exposure to professional networking contacts
  • service to the community

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Experiential learning combines academic study, community involvement and critical reflection. Through experiential learning, students collaborate with others within or beyond the university, engaging with public issues in ways designed to develop particular knowledge, skills and abilities.

Interns from the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film are in their fourth year, currently completing their degree in the following disciplines:

  • Business Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Popular Culture
  • Film

The students are required to complete 120-160 hours between September and April. This works out to approximately 8-10 hours/week.

We try to make the process as simple as possible.

We ask that you meet with the student and sign off on their learning objectives, provide guidance and mentorship to them throughout their placement and fill out a brief evaluation form at the end of the placement in April.

Employer Testimonial

As an organization that is focused on serving the Niagara region and all of its residents, the Niagara Workforce Planning Board is pleased to host students participating in service and experiential learning programs. Our past student placements from Brock University’s Communication, Popular Culture and Film (CPCF) department have been nothing short of excellent. Our hosted CPCF students brought a positive energy, a desire to learn and a range of skills to our workplace. They offered knowledge in building social media campaigns, developed communication strategies and demonstrated a willingness to learn new software and skills as situations required. Brock’s talented and hard-working students are an asset to the labour force and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing to participate in this program.

Niagara Workforce Planning Board