COMM 3V50: Applied Projects in Communication

The Applied Projects in Communication course COMM 3V50 is designed for students seeking “real-world” experience in their field of study while learning and practicing the key competencies needed for employment today.

In this course students will use small group communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, along with tools used by professionals in their field, to address a live problem and propose solutions to a selected community partner.

The course will be delivered through experiential learning methods and traditional teaching formats such as course readings and lectures.

The goal of the Applied Projects in Communication course is to improve students’ readiness to apply their education, lead collaborative projects, and productively contribute to teams in organizational settings.

Canada Summer Games

In 2020, students will be working directly with partners planning for the Canada Summer Games. Teams will be asked to select a challenge they want to work on over the span of the course and prepare recommendations and tools for their partner “client.”

Examples of an authentic challenge students may be asked to address in the course might include:

  • In what ways can digital storytelling be used to capture the Niagara narrative of the 2021 Canada Summer Games?
  • In what ways can we entice visitors to Niagara Falls to attend the Canada Summer Games and take advantage of opportunities they may not have known about when they decided to visit the Falls?

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