March 13-17: 60th Anniversary of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Communication, Popular Culture and Film professors Liz Clarke, Anthony Kinik and Sarah Matheson will be traveling to Seattle for the 60th anniversary of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference.

The annual conference includes panels, seminars, roundtables and workshops on diverse topics that encompass game studies, podcasts, animation, reality TV, sports media, contemporary film and early cinema.

On Thursday, March 14 Department Chair and Associate Professor Sarah Matheson will serve as Chair in a panel discussion on Transnational Ethnicities in Television

  • CHAIR Sarah Matheson, Brock University
  • Thais Miller, University of California, Santa Cruz – “Representations of Refuseniks and Soviet Jewish Emigration in GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”
  • Andree Lafontaine, University of Tsukuba – “The Refracted Gazes of NHK’s Home Sweet Tokyo”
  • Richard Mwakasege-Minaya, University of Michigan – “The Cuban Exile Counterpoint: Media Activism, Conservative Latinidad, and Cold War Politics (1960–1980)”
  • Sarah Matheson, Brock University – “Transnational Media Studies and ‘Invisible TV’: Canadian Programming in the U.S.”

On Friday, March 15

Assistant Professor Liz Clarke will take part in a panel on Historical and Contemporary Approaches to Mediating War

  • CHAIR Giuliana Muscio, University of Padova
  • Liina-Ly Roos, University of Washington – “Future Memories of Trauma in Ingmar Bergman’s Shame”
  • Nichole Strobel, University of California, Santa Barbara – “‘Chilling Absurdity and Hideous Strength’: Branded Violence in Vice Media’s ‘The Islamic State’”
  • Liz Clarke, Brock University – “Preparedness, Propaganda, and World War I in American Film”
  • Bradley Schauer, University of Arizona –  “No Grand Thesis: Strategic Ambiguity and Peter Berg’s ‘Docbuster’ Trilogy”

and Assistant Professor Anthony Kinik will take part in a panel on Making Music Across Genres

  • CHAIR Joy Schaefer, Grand Valley State University
  • Hannah Lewis, The University of Texas at Austin – “Cinematic Expectations and the Live Television Musical”
  • Anthony Kinik, Brock University – “Minimum and Maximum Rock ’n’ Roll: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Rockumentary Form”
  • Curtis Russell, The Graduate Center, CUNY – “Cool Heads Prevail: Pop Music in the Films and TV of Edgar Wright”
  • Krin Gabbard, Columbia University – “‘God Comes Here for the Jazz, Not for the Girls’: Jazz as Religious Signifier in Preacher”

On Sunday, March 17, Professor Kinik will take part in the Expanding and Reconsidering the City Symphony seminar.



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