Residence community standards

Welcome to your new home in residence at Brock University.

The Department of Residences works hard to facilitate the successful sleep, study, and social life of nearly 2,800 students. To do this, we must balance residents’ needs to ensure we reach the goals of high quality of life and academic success by the end of students’ time in residence. By knowing and adhering to our residence community guiding principles, residents make a significant contribution to these goals. The privilege of living in residence comes with the responsibility of abiding by Federal, Provincial, Regional and Municipal laws, following University policies, and upholding community standards.

Please note: When you submitted your online application you confirmed that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by these standards.

The residence community is a unique environment and these guiding principles have been created to benefit both students and staff by clearly outlining behavioural expectations for students living in residence. The guiding principles define unacceptable behaviour, outline the levels and types of infractions, and describe both the manner in which infractions are enforced and the sanctions applied. Residents are expected to read and be aware of the information contained in this document.

The goals of the community standards are:

  • To provide students with clear information about what is expected of them while living in residence
  • To provide Department of Residences and Residence Life staff with a resource that outlines the course of disciplinary action for any unacceptable behaviour
  • To illustrate to students the importance of co-operation while living in residence

The Residence Life staff (RLS) and Residence Action Council (RAC) will do their part to orient you to this environment through a variety of social, educational and recreational activities. You, in turn, will be expected to do your part as a member of the community. Being a student in residence means that you are given both privileges and responsibilities to uphold. The information in the residence community guiding principles will orient you to the residence structure and services and to the regulations that help to ensure the rights of each community member. You are responsible for knowing this information and meeting the standards of behaviour necessary for the development of the residence community. While you have a responsibility, you will certainly reap the benefits. Welcome to the challenge, the opportunity and the fun. We look forward to your arrival and an exciting year in residence!

Student rights

  1. The right to sleep, study and socialize in a clean and safe environment.
  2. The right to have any residence incidents, issues or concerns addressed in a timely and respectful fashion.
  3. The right to privacy and/or confidentiality from the Department of Residences with regards to all personal information. The Department will not contact emergency contacts without consent except in an emergency situation.
  4. The right to appropriate and timely notification from the Department of Residences for all matters that have an impact on their living environment (e.g. repair work, fire alarm testing).
  5. The right to expect the Department of Residence will abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the Residence Agreement and follow departmental policies and procedures.

Student responsibilities

As members of the residence community, students have the following responsibilities:

  1. To treat other people with respect and consideration and to guarantee them their individual rights.
  2. To behave in a responsible manner and accept responsibility for inappropriate behaviour and the consequences related to that behaviour.
  3. To respect and accept responsibility for residence and university property and facilities, treating them like you would your home.
  4. To accept responsibility for personal and community safety; i.e. to lock windows and doors, to refrain from misusing life safety equipment, damaging property, propping fire doors, losing or sharing keys / swipe cards, etc.
  5. To contribute positively to the community through participation in programs.
  6. To regularly check their Brock University email account, Brock University Financial Account, residence mailbox and the Department of Residence website. All of these modes of communication will be used by the Department of Residences to communicate with residence students.
  7. To report damages and safety concerns or any other issues or concerns in a timely manner to the Service Desks (refer to the section on Facilities).
  8. To abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the Residence Agreement and follow departmental policies and procedures.

Under the terms of the Residence Agreement, which all students must electronically sign when applying to residence, students must be familiar with the content of and abide by: the residence community guiding principles, the Residence Agreement, residence policies and procedures, the Brock University Code of Student Conduct and any other applicable Brock University policy. Students are also expected to respect and abide by all municipal, regional, provincial and federal laws.

Unacceptable behaviour is any behaviour that contravenes these documents. Ignorance, anger, alcohol or substance abuse will not be accepted as an excuse, reason, or rationale for unacceptable behaviour. It is expected that if a student is having a problem with anger or substance abuse, he or she will seek help from an appropriate resource (e.g. personal counselling services) before the situation intensifies. Unacceptable behaviour can be identified and addressed by anyone in the residence community. Students are reminded that unacceptable behaviour may come to the University’s attention in a variety of ways, including observation by residence staff, Campus Security, Facilities Management staff, Food Services staff or other students, or through photos, the Internet, social media, mobile devices or video evidence. While the University does not actively search for evidence of violations online, anything posted online that comes to our attention will be used as evidence in an investigation. Unacceptable behaviour within residence can be documented formally by: Residence Life staff, Department of Residences staff, Facilities Management or any other University staff, including contractors who work in the residences, Campus Security Services, and Niagara Regional Police.

As expressed in the Brock University mission statement, we are a diverse and inclusive community. Our diversity makes us stronger and is something we welcome and celebrate within residence. Any behaviour that attacks the integrity or dignity of another individual is not tolerated.

Please note: Public areas on campus, including residences, are video monitored for safety and security purposes.

Personal information is collected under the authority of the Brock University Act. Questions may be directed to Brock University Campus Security Services, 905.688.5550 x4300 or visit Campus Security online.