Gordon and Betty Vallee Residence is a semi-suite style residence which can accommodate 251 students in single rooms with a four-piece washroom shared between two students. Each of the six halls has a large furnished common lounge area. The Vallee Residence contains study rooms and laundry rooms. A covered walkway connects Vallee Residence to the east end of DeCew Residence. Vallee Residence is similar in design to Earp Residence. A meal plan is mandatory.

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Floors and mascots

Named for Flora Egerter, the founder of the Women’s Institute of Niagara. Egerter was responsible for petitioning for a university in the Niagara area in 1957. Thanks to her persistence and appreciation for higher learning, Brock University was formed from the Women’s Institute initiative.

Named for Theodore Mack, the founder of the first training school for nurses in North America. He insisted the Florence Nightingale method must be followed and it’s still used worldwide today. The Mack School of Nursing was considered one of the finest nursing schools of its day and is currently run by Niagara College.

Named for Olive Bradley. Bradley became the first institutional health nurse in Canada in 1908 and worked at the Plymouth Cordage Company in Welland for 32 years. She was a pioneer in the field of nursing and laid the foundation for public health nursing in Niagara.

Named for Lord Dufferin who, in 1870, encouraged public parks in Canada. A widely travelled and highly respected statesman, he urged the Ontario government to become involved in public parks in the Niagara Falls area, leading to the development of the Niagara Parks Commission. It has been suggested Dufferin’s endorsement of the benefits of tourism led to Niagara being the current tourist attraction it is today.

Named for “The Lord of the Lake,” Capt. Yeo. He won many sea battles through the Royal Navy and greatly contributed to the successful end of the War of 1812.

Named for the humanitarian Madeline Renaud. She took in the homeless and encouraged them to contact their relatives. She initiated the Girl Guides movement in Niagara Region. Renaud began the collection of toys for impoverished children and volunteered for the Welland County Children’s Aid Society as well as served as president of the local Wartime Prices and Control Board during the Second World War.