Video Art in the Age of COVID-19

Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Lindsay Liboiron, Isolation; Ama Okafor, A Little Adjustment; Christy Mitchell, Saudade; Jamie Wong, Screen Recording 2020-11-04 at 1.46.14PM.mp4

Video Art (VISA/IASC 2P97) presents Video Art in the Age of COVID-19

Our new reflective experiential creative project is led by Donna Szoke, media artist and Associate Professor in Studio Art and supported by an Experiential Education grant from the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.

We asked: How has the pandemic changed your relationship to video? What new visual interfaces or experiences marked this shift? Is there a video aesthetic of COVID-19? How did it change your sense of individuality? Your sense of collectivity?

As a creative response to our unique moment in time we completed the following assignment:

Shoot and edit a 3 to 5 minute video that reflects what you want to say about COVID-19 video aesthetics. What is the difference in aesthetics if you shoot it on a phone, on Zoom or on a camera? How does it feel differently if you edit on a laptop or in TikTok, etc.?

We invite you to view our video playlist:

Video Art in the Age of COVID 19 (Visual Arts, Video Art 2P97)

Our research included:

What is phenomenology?

This example of an early pandemic music video:

“Fast Trip, Long Drop” by Gregg Bordowitz – A compelling autobiographical work capturing the anger and desperation of the early onset of the AIDS epidemic.