Visual art

Artist photo credit: Denise Apostolatos

Programs offered

BA Honours Studio Art
BA Pass Degree Studio Art
Minor in Visual arts

Engage in creative production through our studio art programs, which include courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, media, and digital art. Our studio classes give students the opportunity to further develop their artistic skills, to learn new techniques and technologies, and to develop their professional practice.

BA Honours History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC)
minor in the history of art and visual culture (Havc)

History of Art and Visual Culture courses examine the development of artistic styles as well as the critical and aesthetic issues that these styles bring into play. Major artists and movements are related to their cultural contexts and artistic traditions with the goal of developing critical as well as aesthetic acumen. With the choice of a Major or Minor in the History of Art and Visual Culture as well as a Concentration in Curatorial Studies, students can explore the cultural, theoretical or practical methods involving the interpretation or exhibition of works of art.

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Concurrent BA/BEd

Study in Visual Arts and the Faculty of Education to earn two undergraduate degrees – one in Visual Arts and the other in Education.

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