Academic Advising

The Visual Arts program consists of courses in studio and in the history of art and visual culture. In both cases, our courses provide a practical and critical understanding of the visual arts emphasizing personal development. To this end students are introduced to a range of historical, theoretical and critical approaches to art-making and to the investigation of cultural documents.

VISA Majors:
Visual Arts majors requesting and course overrides and course information are to email Monika Lederich at with their student ID number, the course(s) and section number that they wish overrides for. When the override is processed the student will be notified by email.

Concurrent Education Students And Non-Visa Majors:
Concurrent Education students and all non-VISA Majors must email the Visual Arts academic advisor, Elizabeth Maddeaux with:

  • their student ID number,
  • the course(s) they want,
  • the sections they prefer (if applicable),
  • and a short description of why they want to take the course.

Students are then prioritized based on their program of study, year of study (those closest to graduation of course are the highest priority), and reason for wanting the course.