About Our Community

Our community page is a space where we welcome community members to participate in programs, workshops, courses, research projects, and services offered by the Brock Niagara Center of Excellence in Inclusive and Adaptive Physical Activity and where we acknowledge our community partners in Niagara and beyond. Authentic consultation and collaboration are primary tenets of inclusion and allow us to engage with partners with shared commitments to inviting any body of any ability to be involved in meaningful activity.

A participant and student volunteer in the Kiwanis public swimming pool.

In keeping with our commitment to authentic consultation and collaboration, we invite and welcome expressions of interest in being on our Community Advisory Committee. This committee, comprised of community members who identify as disabled, will provide insider knowledge and expertise, advice and guidance to the Centre’s Director and Faculty and Staff affiliates. We anticipate that we will have varying levels of participation given the contingencies in peoples’ lives and assure our participants that the degree and kind of participation on the Advisory Committee will be based in flexible options and personal choice.

We also welcome expressions of interest from students or other community members interested in volunteering for our programs, in doing placements or internships, or engaging in professional development in inclusive and adaptive programming.

If you are interested in participating in our Advisory Committee, in volunteering, in placements or internships, or in professional development, please email


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