Brock-Niagara Centre of Excellence in Inclusive & Adaptive Physical Activity


Our circle of community partners has allowed us to become attentive listeners. We abide by the principle of ‘nothing about us without us’ and this includes Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, aging citizens, 2SLGBTQ+ participants, people who experience disability, and participants who experience under-resourcing and poverty. Further, we understand the compounding nature of intersected oppression and have anticipated a variety of supports, including consultative interviews, subsidies, flexible program application methods, equitable representation on decision-making bodies, equitable representation of culture and identity in promotional materials, pedagogies, programming and training, and ongoing engagement with groups and individuals for continuous improvement of our inclusion practices.

Brock-Niagara Centre of Excellence in Inclusive and Adaptive Physical Activity uses the abbreviation C.A.P.A. (Centre of Adaptive Physical Activity).


The purpose of the C.A.P.A. is to promote and enhance awareness and development of inclusive and adaptive physical activity programming and to engage in research, scholarly activity and knowledge translation about inclusive and adaptive physical activity and its associated socio-cultural affordances and constraints.


Aligning with Brock’s strategic goals of inclusion and community engagement the C.A.P.A. will support and educate students, provide training and development to community members and provide consulting and research opportunities that support the spirit of inclusion. This is an extension of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and the work of its faculty and staff in reciprocity with the local community and its experts and beyond.