CCOVI Lecture Series returns in person for 2023

The return of a long-standing Brock lecture series later this month will allow people from around the world — as well as those on campus — to dive into the University’s leading grape and wine research.

The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) Lecture Series will return in person for the 2023 edition, while also being livestreamed online for interested viewers across the globe.

This year marks the 16th anniversary of the series, with 10 speakers from across CCOVI’s network of researchers, scientists, fellows and professional affiliates sharing their expertise.

Lectures will span a wide range of topics, including research on tannins in six red varieties across six vintages, updates on the progress of identifying insect vectors of Grapevine Red Blotch Virus (GRBV) in Ontario vineyards, the role of knowledge mobilization in the adoption of best management practices in horticulture and how to leverage social media effectively to tell brand stories.

The CCOVI Lecture Series began in 2007 and has become highly anticipated both locally and for those tuning in remotely through livestreaming. Since the series’ inception, archived lecture videos have received more than 13,000 views.

“We are pleased to once again bring the latest in grape and wine research into the hands of grape growers and winemakers,” said CCOVI Director Debbie Inglis. “Knowledge transfer through outreach opportunities is an important part of CCOVI’s mandate and is beneficial to both our industry and our students.”

The free lectures, which are open to the public, take place weekly on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. beginning Wednesday, Jan. 25 in room H313 of the Mackenzie Chown Complex at Brock University. Paid parking is available in the nearby Lot E.

The lectures can also be viewed live online and the recordings are then archived on the CCOVI Lecture Series website.

2023 CCOVI Lecture Series

  • Jan. 25: Belinda Kemp, CCOVI Principal Scientist, Oenology, Brock University — Targeting Tannins: Six vintages of six red varieties
  • Feb. 1: Justin Renkema, Research Scientist, Entomology, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, London Research and Development Centre — Progress identifying insect vectors of Grapevine Red Blotch Virus (GRBV) in Ontario vineyards
  • Feb. 8: José Ramón Úrbez Torres, Research Scientist, Plant Pathology, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Summerland Research and Development Centre — Cultural practices and biological agents: towards a sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases
  • Feb. 15: Kevin Ker, CCOVI Research Associate, Brock University, Grape IPM – Dynamic Never Static.
  • March 1: Joachim Scholz, Assistant Professor of AR/XR (augmented reality and cross reality) Marketing, Goodman School of Business, Brock University — How to tell epic brand stories on social media: A system, instrument and metrics
  • March 8: Sudarsana Poojari, CCOVI Principal Scientist, Virology, Brock University — Importance of a clean plant program for grapevines
  • March 15: Jim Willwerth, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Brock University — Improving resiliency in grapevines to avoid freeze damage in a changing climate
  • March 22: Amy Lemay, Research Fellow, Niagara Community Observatory, Brock University — The role knowledge of knowledge mobilization in the adoption of best management practices in horticulture
  • March 29: Wendy McFadden-Smith, Tender Fruit and Grape IPM Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs — Grapevine viruses in Ontario: What have we learned?
  • April 5: Charles Dépres, Professor of Biological Sciences, Brock University — Pharmacogenomics strategies for yield security in agriculture

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