Brock LINC’s Entrepreneur in Residence ready to provide guidance

The Brock LINC is introducing new support for entrepreneurs on campus and in the community.

The University’s centre for creativity, innovation, research and entrepreneurship has welcomed Alyssa Faller as its first Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) for the 2022-23 academic year.

The Entrepreneur in Residence helps to coach student entrepreneurs, researchers and community startups in the ideation, discovery and early launch phases of entrepreneurship, building trust and confidence with founders, helping them on their learning journey and providing tangible feedback on their ideas and existing business. In addition, the role will help founders to work through their goals and milestones, and offer guidance and connections to programs, resources, mentors and others where appropriate.

“One of the most valuable resources to anyone starting out on their entrepreneurial journey is to talk to someone who has been in their shoes,” says Farzana Crocco, Executive Director of the Brock LINC. “While we have excellent mentors in the LINCubator program, we knew we needed someone who could dedicate more time to coach a wider group of entrepreneurs at Brock and in the Niagara community.”

Faller, Director of People and Culture for Flybits, a Toronto–based tech company, is an experienced entrepreneur with a human-centred design focus. Her career has focused on building four companies and working with tech startups. She works with founders by creating a community of leadership and collaboration.

Faller has brought change to the startup ecosystem through work with the MaRS Discovery District on programs that scale with impact, including collaborations with the government.

“There is always an opportunity to learn, grow and enable individuals to thrive using a growth mindset,” she says. “This essential learning has been the foundation of my career, and I enjoy the process and love leaning in and helping other individuals discover theirs. A great founder will always be a lifelong learner in my books.”

Faller is now available to students and entrepreneurs at set times each week.

To access her advisory services, set up a LINC consultation with the Brock LINC team. Participants in Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship, the LINCubator and Entrepreneurship Co-op will experience coaching from Faller as part of those programs.

To set up a LINC consultation, email Cassie Price, Brock LINC Program Manager, at, or visit the Brock LINC website.

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