COLLIER and PERRY: Digital platforms alone don’t bridge youth divides

Diane Collier, Associate Professor of Educational Studies at Brock University, and Mia Perry, Senior Lecturer of Education, Arts, Literacies at University of Glasgow, co-wrote a piece published in The Conversation that explored the digital lives of young people in Canada and Scotland.

They write:

“It’s taken for granted in many if not most school environments today that digital technology should be integrated throughout the curriculum to enhance not only communication and creativity but also equal access to resources and opportunities. 

Digital skills are considered critical for youth navigating the world — and for gaining mobility. Mobility is understood to mean both the nimbleness to communicate and enter into cross-cultural forums or dialogues (into new kinds of cultural “spaces” through internet platforms or digital technologies) and the capacity to move across socio-economical and cultural groups in everyday life.

While it’s critical for literacy educators to support student inquiry through digital media, is it the case that because young generations grew up as “digital natives” the tools of technology are inherently preferable today for fostering creativity? And when digital technologies foster mobility into new spaces, how do youth experience this?

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