Workshop to address stress management

Everyone experiences stress — the body’s natural way of responding to challenges or barriers.

Although stress is normal, too much can be detrimental to your health. Long-term stress can lead to ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety.

Learning how to reduce and manage stress will be examined at an employee workshop later this month.

Facilitated by Brock’s Employee Assistance Program provider, Morneau Shepell, the complimentary Stress Relaxation Techniques seminar will help faculty and staff better understand stress response, discuss the importance of managing stress for optimal health and will provide an opportunity to practise stress-reducing exercises.

The workshop takes place Thursday, April 26 from noon to 1 p.m. in Welch Hall 204.

This is the second time this year Brock’s Human Resources Office is offering the workshop. Nearly 30 employees participated in a January session.

“Stress relaxation is a popular topic,” said Kathryn Walker, Manager, Health Management and Wellness. “We all deal with stress. The seminar will provide employees with practical tools and examples that will assist them in relaxing and coping with inevitable stress.”

Brock employees are invited to register on the Focus on Learning website.

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