SSHRC Announcement: Updates to Insight Program

Updates for the Insight Grants (IG) October 2015 competition:

1.    Elimination of the Notice of Intent (NOI)

2.    Submission of IG applications through the Research portal

3.    CCV required for applicants and co-applicants

4.    No CV required for collaborators

5.    New participant module

6.    Creation of a multidisciplinary committee within each research group when the number of applications makes it possible. The applicant will need to click the « multidisciplinary evaluation » box.

In addition:

1.    Reduction of the maximum grant to $400K

2.    Reduction of the annual maximum to $100K

3.    Clearer directives to adjudication committee members regarding their role in scrutinizing grant budgets

4.    Implementation of a committee budget envelope to encourage greater scrutiny.

Please direct questions to SSHRC at:  Email: or Tel.: 613-996-6976

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