Now in Paperback: Revolutionizing Retail by Kendra Coulter

Revolutionizing Retail

Workers, Political Action, and Social Change

Kendra Coulter

Retail workers are a large labor force, yet their jobs are generally devalued and dominated by low wages, precarious conditions, and disrespect. Coulter draws on three years of comparative research on retail workers and political action, including fieldwork in Canada, the United States, and Sweden, to explore what is needed to improve workers’ wellbeing and transform retail work. The only book of its kind, Revolutionizing Retail explains the strategies being used to improve retail jobs and retail workers’ quality of life, including diverse forms of organizing, public policy, and good management. Coulter analyzes the degree to which current efforts are succeeding, and what lessons they offer about the present and future of work, forms of agency, and class, gender, and race relations. The power of culture, emotions, and workers’ personal experiences of political action are at the heart of this engaging discussion of the challenges and possibilities of social change.

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