Peoples’ Social Forum [Aug 21 to 24, 2014]

The Peoples’ Social Forum (PSF) will open on August 21 with a traditional Algonquin ceremony at sunrise and a celebratory peoples’ march in the afternoon. August 21 and 22 will see hundreds of participant-led workshops happen simultaneously at the University of Ottawa. Saturday, August 23 will be a day of movement assemblies. The last day there will be a final all-movements assembly and closing ceremony. The Peoples’ Social Forum is also a joyous gathering with special exhibitions, work and peoples history tours, film screenings, critical mass rally, a pow-wow, street performances, concerts, games, and building new relationships. The Peoples Social Forum is a means of stimulating debate, discussion and furthering our sense of community and collective action.

The PSF is part of the global movement of social forums that have emerged at different levels since the first World Social Forum (WSF) was held in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in January 2001. The last World Social Forum was held in Tunis in March 2013 and the 2015 one will also be oranized in the same city.

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