Experiential learning in the digital humanities

Experiential learning in the digital humanities

Today’s post is from Nichole Caven, a recent graduate of our Interactive Arts and Science (IASC) program offered through our Centre for Digital Humanities.

IASC explores the world of interactive media and new modes of storytelling. Students combine classroom learning with hands-on collaborative projects using the latest technology. Learn more about applying to theĀ Interactive Arts and Science program here.

I am a recent graduate of the Interactive Arts and Sciences program at Brock. I chose this program because I found it offered the best blend of theoretical knowledge, artistic opportunities and real world applications.

Many of the classes that I took were based on theory but the skills gained from the entry level art classes helped to build my skill set. These two things combined made my experiences that much more beneficial.

A screenshot from Nichole Caven's final project in the Interactive Arts and Science program.

At school, the final project in the IASC program gave me the opportunity to combine both the theoretical and artistic knowledge and skills I have gained over the last 4 years in a practical setting. It was the culmination of all of my knowledge and skills put to the test in a year long project.

It was during this that the difference between classroom lessons and experience was clearly evident. Even though everyone on the team had the knowledge, the project pushed us to apply our knowledge and expand on what we were taught in useful ways.

Through Brock’s internship program I got to work at Morro Motion. This was the real world professional setting that put all these university taught skills to the test. The differences in expectations between being a student and working professional were clear.

I found being a student was all about soaking up knowledge and learning how to learn; whereas working was about applying the practical and theoretical knowledge I already had to fill the gaps in my skill set and using all of these university and self taught skills to get the job done.

Nichole Caven

Now that I have the theoretical knowledge and the understanding of how my skills will be used in the real world I am aiming to work in a motion capture studio.


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