Special Admission Consideration

If you wish to be considered under our Special Admission Consideration policy, please submit our online Special Admission Consideration form. This form provides an opportunity for you to share any circumstances that have adversely affected your grades with our Admissions Committee. In order to submit this request, you must have already received an offer to an alternate Brock program (not your top choice/preferred program) because your average fell marginally below the competitive average for that program. Please note that in order to be considered for admission, applicants are still required to meet minimum university admission requirements, including program prerequisites. Depending on the program, and time of cycle, there may be cases where the preferred program is limited in enrollment or is full. In this case, your alternate offer would stand.

This form is for Undergraduate studies only. Do not use this form if you are a Consecutive Education applicant. Visit the Consecutive Education webpage for more information on Special Admission Consideration.

Requests for special admission consideration, including any supporting documentation, must be submitted by:

September Intake: May 15
January Intake: November 15
May Intake: March 15

You may be considered under one or more of the following categories:

  1. Equity Consideration
    • An applicant who considers themselves to be academically disadvantaged for reasons that are beyond their control, such as:
      • visible minority membership
  2. Extenuating Circumstances
    • An applicant who considers themselves to be academically disadvantaged for reasons that are beyond their control, such as:
      • Unexpected events or situations
      • Severe illness
      • Financial hardships (personal or family)
    • Please use the form to articulate how the extenuating circumstances have impacted your academic performance.
  3. Indigenous Students
    • An applicant who has self-identified as Indigenous who does not meet the competitive GPA for admission, but who still meets a minimum 70 per cent high school grade point average.
  4. Person with a Disability
    • An applicant with a disability who believes that disability impacted their academic performance.
    • Supporting documentation must be provided.
    • an IEP (when available). Please note: an IEP on its own is not considered formal documentation at the post-secondary level but can be submitted as a starting point when requesting consideration for academic accommodations.

Note: If you would like to be considered for academic accommodations, once you have accepted an offer of admissions to Brock University, you will need to register with Student Accessibility Services by completing the New Student Registration form.

Brock supports students with disabilities in the academic environment. The campus is wheelchair accessible and includes accessible housing units.