Guidelines for Campus Sales

Guidelines for Campus Sales

No commercial sales to the public may be held on Brock University premises.
BUSU, General Brock, the University Bookstore, Badger Shop, Subcetera, Subcetera South, Tim Hortons, Scotia Bank and the Student Centre are the only outlets permitted to carry out commercial activities. All commercial sales are limited to these outlets and will be held within the confines of the business.

University affiliated registered charitable organizations (e.g. CUSO, WUSC, OPIRG), ratified BUSU clubs and department sponsored clubs may conduct sales of goods on campus, where total proceeds from the sales go to the support of the organization or club. University departments may not supplement operating budgets through sales on campus. Non-university affiliated clubs or charitable organizations should contact Conference Services with requests.

Ratified Brock clubs must apply to reception at the BUSU Office ( Department sponsored clubs must apply directly to the office of their faculty advisor or departmental administrative assistant. All requests for permission to conduct the sale must be made five business days in advance of the event. Academic departments requesting tables should contact conference services ( Any fundraisers involving book sales will need to be communicated to the Bookstore. The permit is to be visible at the sale site for the duration of the sale

No food or drink may be sold privately on campus. Bake/Snack sales may be conducted where all of the proceeds accrue to university affiliated charitable organizations or ratified BUSU clubs, where the goods sold are made by club members and are not intended to substitute for a meal.

When an outside organization rents space from Brock for a conference or event and wishes, in conjunction with the event, to sell goods (commercial or charitable sale or display for sale) the sale must take place in the same area as the event and must not be open to the general public. To conduct such a sale, the organizers will need a letter of permission from the AVP Student Services or the Director of Community Services or the Dept. of Recreation Services Facilities Manager for events occurring in the Walker Complex. The Bookstore should be advised of any sales involving books.

The University's registered marks cannot be used without permission from the office of University Advancement and must adhere to university guidelines.

All representation of affiliation with Brock University in language or graphics is required to be reviewed by Brock University prior to reproduction. Any item representing a club, group or varsity team, that is produced for members of the same group may not be sold on campus to the general university community. The Bookstore and Badger Shop are the only outlets on campus authorized by Brock University to sell items showing affiliation with the university in general.

Clubs or organizations intending to sell university affiliated products should consult with the Bookstore or Badger Shop. These outlets will assist with cost-effective options for quality products. The Department of Athletics will consult with the Vice President Academic for approval of the purchase of team athletic wear.

September, 2007