Thinking about life after graduation?

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Thinking about life after graduation?


Graduation isn’t far away and you’re starting to worry about your career. Can I do that job? What does it pay? Will I be happy with that company? You’re not the only one feeling nervous about life after Brock. Its time for you to GET MENTORED!


What can I expect as a Career Mentee?

You will have the opportunity to meet with a career mentor that closely mirrors your career goals and interests. We have mentors that can provide you with valuable guidance as you decide what to do with your degree.  Mentors provide you with a realistic preview of your career and help you with any questions you might have about your chosen career. Mentors can also give advice about pursuing further education after graduation and help you with your next steps. 
What will I get out of mentoring?
  • A web recording of your professional mock job interview to email to your career mentor for feedback using our Interview Stream tool
  • Get help with resume and cover letter writing
  • Practice your interviewing skills with the help of a mock interview
  • The chance to participate in job shadows to get an in-depth look at your desired career field *(if available)
  • Receive assistance in identifying your skills, interests, and goals
  • Networking opportunities - meet influential individuals with the help of your mentor
  • A friend to advise you and give you feedback and tips of what to expect in the real world
  • A valuable resource - someone to talk with about career options, decisions, and opportunities
After completing your profile/ registration on Mentor Match, the mentoring co-ordinator will contact you about an orientation date and next steps in our matching process. 
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