Employer Information Sessions

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Employer Information Sessions

Career Services offers Employer Information Sessions logistical arrangement for employers recruiting for new graduates and/or for full-time positions. Hosting an Information Session is an effective way to present your organization and its opportunities to Brock students and alumni. Information Sessions provide an opportunity to deliver a formal 30 to 40-minute presentation and connect with a distinct group of students. Such sessions provide students with a better sense of the qualifications necessary to join and grow within your company. The intimate setting also allows for an informal networking session following the presentation.

Information Sessions are booked from September 15th until November 21st and from January 19th until March 27th. There are no fees for the administration of arranging an Information Session however, there are utility* costs associated with thes arrangements and charges incurred will be billed. 
* Utility costs: room booking, catering , parking and audio-visual equipment rental.
How to Arrange an Information Session:

Upon receipt of the request form, the Employer Development Coordinator will be in contact with you to finalize your date and requests.
Information Session arrangements includes:
  • Assisting you with reservations of space, audio equipment, and catering
  • Advertising the session on our Career Services Student Event Calendar, accessible to all students
  • Assisting with the posting of advertisement flyers on campus
  • Setting up student registrations for sessions that require this service
  • Advertising via e-mail to student club presidents

Important: Career Services cannot assume responsibility for student attendance or provide additional staffing on the day of your event. In compliance with the University’s policy prohibiting the use of alcoholic beverages, Career Services does not permit the serving of alcoholic beverages at any employer related functions on or off campus.

Advertising Your Information Session
Once you have confirmation of your Information Session date(s), our promotions team will work with you to advertise your session and assist you with building your campus brand.
For additional advertising:
  • Send posters to Career Services to post around campus to advertise your session (see Brock’s Promotions Policy)
  • Subscribe to an Employer Spotlight where your customized recruiting information and logo will appear on the Career Center's website
  • If you are also interviewing on campus, email interview candidates to remind them of the event.
  • Invite students you meet at career fairs or other campus events.
  • Consider placing an ad in the Brock Press our independent student newspaper with campus wide circulation weekly during academic year


Employer Showcases
Employer Showcases are an effective way to present your organization and its opportunities to students and alumni. You will be able to promote and describe the unique opportunities of your business to potential employees. Our promotions team can provide you with a table in one of our many high-traffic on-campus locations where students have the opportunity to connect with you one-on-one to learn the benefits of being a part of your organization. Our promotions team is glad to assist you in planning the logistics, providing the necessary equipment, and assist you in promoting Your Campus Brand.
To arrange for an Employer Showcase, please complete the Employer Showcase Request Form.