2023-2024 Graduate Calendar

Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries and Financial Assistance  
Various forms of financial support are available to graduate students. In addition to the scholarships and awards listed below, Brock University awards fellowships, scholarships, bursaries and graduate assistantships (teaching/research assistantships) to full-time incoming and returning students on the basis of academic merit. Students' offer letters include financial funding information that outlines, where appropriate, their particular graduate funding package. Information and definitions regarding financial support can be found at: brocku.ca/graduate-studies/financial-resources/funding To be eligible to apply for internal and external awards, scholarships and bursaries, graduate students must be registered as a full-time student. A student who is withdrawn from the university or has a change of status will have their scholarship eligibility reviewed and adjustments made to their financial support. Please note, full-time graduate students who accept an award that is not directly administered by Brock must immediately inform the Faculty of Graduate Studies, in writing. The student's funding package may be revised based on the financial assistance received.  
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The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers a variety of Internal Donor supported scholarships, awards and bursaries. Full-time registered students are eligible to apply for these awards. Students are encouraged to check the Faculty of Graduate Studies website: brocku.ca/graduate-studies/scholarships-awards/ for a list of all scholarship and award competition deadline dates and application instructions. Please note, many of the scholarships and awards require the submission of an application, at the time of application for admission or as a continuing student. Award recipients will be selected based on the individual award criteria and approved by the Senate of Graduate Studies Awards Sub-Committee. By accepting any awards administered at Brock University, the recipient automatically provides the University permission to use their name, as well as, program and year of study for release by the University and any other third parties approved by the University. Award recipients are required to provide a letter of thanks to the donor. For a full listing of current internal scholarships and awards, please visit: brocku.ca/graduate-studies/scholarships-awards/internal/.  
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Graduate Studies Bursary funds are intended to assist full-time graduate students with unanticipated or non-typical financial needs. Graduate Studies Bursary application decisions will be made at scheduled monthly meetings. Students applying are required to fully explain the nature of their unanticipated need for financial support. To be considered for a Graduate Studies Bursary students must complete a “Graduate Studies Bursary Application”. Please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website: brocku.ca/graduate-studies/scholarships-awards/bursary/  
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Graduate student conference funds are available to full-time registered master’s students and full time or part time registered doctoral students who attend and present at conferences associated with their graduate program. For detailed information, please visit: brocku.ca/graduate-studies/scholarships-awards/conference-funds/  
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The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides financial aid to students enrolled in full-time studies and part-time studies in graduate programs. This assistance is intended to supplement student’s financial support. The assistance is not based on academic standing but students are expected to make satisfactory progress in their studies. OSAP provides eligible Ontario students with financial assistance to help pay for their tuition, books, mandatory fees, living costs and transportation. For further information including out-of-province student loans, please refer to Brock University Student Accounts & Financial Aid website: brocku.ca/safa/student-loans/osap/.  
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Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship can include Teaching Assistant, Marker-Grader, Course Coordinator and/or Lab Demonstrator duties. Graduate Assistantships are considered employment income and all payments for Graduate Assistantship work are contingent on the fulfillment of employment obligations. Graduate Students should discuss Graduate Teaching Assistantship duties with their Graduate Program Director and Supervisor, as these are administered by Graduate Programs and not the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Graduate Assistantship financial support is employment income and as such is paid directly to the student on a bi-weekly basis as per Brock’s established pay periods.  
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