2023-2024 Graduate Calendar

Graduate Tuition and Fees  
Graduate student tuition and fees may be assessed through your financial account and will include but may not necessarily be limited to the following basic categories: Tuition Ancillary Fees Program Specific Fees Course Specific Fees Miscellaneous and Administrative Fees Residence and Meal Plan Fees For information regarding the above categories please go to the Student Accounts and Financial Aid website at: brocku.ca/safa/tuition-and-fees/overview/graduate/ The Student Accounts and Financial Aid Team administers, manages and maintains all student financial account activity. The fastest and easiest tuition payment method is through online banking. To learn more about tuition, fees, deadlines and payment options, visit: brocku.ca/safa/ For inquiries relating to your student financial account, contact: Brock Central 3rd floor of the Schmon Tower. central@brocku.ca 905.688.5550 ext. 3052. Hours of operation can be found at: brocku.ca/registrar/contact/  
Last updated: February 16, 2023 @ 09:52AM