VISA Gallery Introduction – ‘Table For Eleven’

The Department of Visual Arts and VISA 3F91 Advanced Art Practices present:

Table for Eleven
the Visual Arts Gallery and Student Exhibition Space

Exhibition run: March 25 to April 8
Opening Reception: Friday, March 25 from 5 to 8 p.m.
Visual Arts Gallery & Student Exhibition Space, MIWSFPA
15 Artists’ Common, St. Catharines

Welcome to TABLE FOR ELEVEN. This exhibition is brought to you by the VISA 3F91: Advanced Art Practice students. VISA 3F91 focuses on artistic research and creation from the perspective of project oriented, independent production. It is an advanced studio course that is not confined to a specific disciplinary practice or history. The intent of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to consider art making from an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary point of view – where artists utilize different forms of knowledge as a means to create work that is critical and challenging.

This final show is the culmination of a full term’s worth of work. We welcome you to view a collection of self-directed works by 4th year students made up of a diverse selection of themes, paintings, sculpting, drawings, installation work, performative work, sound, and video. With such a wide variety of work, there is something for everyone to enjoy. As viewers we value your thoughts, questions and opinions about the works so feel free to follow the QR code to leave a comment about the work

Participating artists: Mariah Angel, Emily Au, Sarah Cecchini, Tabitha Holloway, Hope Johnstone, Morgan Elizabeth Kazi, Hannah Leal, Erika Selby, Nick Taglione, Kimberley Rogers, Taylor Elliott

Exhibition: March 25 to April 8, 2022
Visual Arts Gallery and Student Exhibition Space, MIWSFPA
Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 1 to 5 p.m. (September – April)

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