Words of thanks and encouragement to the Brock community

There are many different parts of a community. At Brock, this is especially true.

We are a community of students — undergraduates and graduates from near and far.

We are a community of faculty — teachers and scholars who are amongst the best and brightest.

We are a community of researchers — those who challenge and probe and discover.

We are a community of dedicated staff — skilled professionals keeping Brock running so that it can fulfill its mission and reach its strategic goals.

And, we are a community of volunteers.

That’s the part of the community where you’ll find our Board of Trustees. It’s a privilege to serve in this way and it is highly fulfilling to be part of a community at one of the country’s very best universities.

It has been even more fulfilling these past few months as we have seen how the entire community at Brock is working together under exceptionally challenging circumstances.

From the early work of Brock staff in January and February preparing for the virus’s growing threat; to our faculty and researchers who worked to quickly change course plans, lessons and lab activities with very short notice; to our students, who have quickly transitioned to online learning and exams, while moving out of residence and away from Niagara under new deadlines.

At our Board meeting last week, I was pleased on behalf of our Trustees to congratulate President Fearon and everyone on the academic and administrative teams for their outstanding work. In addition, I was very pleased to congratulate our BUSU and GSA presidents and executives as well as our undergraduate and graduate students who have once again proven that Brock attracts the very best and brightest to the university.

More challenges are to come. There are uncertainties, questions and unknown circumstances. The road ahead will include new turns and twists and we will face new demands and journey in new directions. Please know that as you undertake these challenges, your Board of Trustees and the volunteers and alumni that are parts of our great community support you, have faith in your abilities, and are here for you.

Together, Brock will prevail because it must prevail. Our University is too important to our region, to our country and to our students. Thank you again for all you have done and will do.


Gary Comerford

Chair, Board of Trustees
Brock University